Internet Hoarding is a weekly(ish) collection of links that I curate and share with the team here at digital-telepathy. Since it’s been going on with some regularity on an internal basis, we’ve decided to open up the audience by publishing these finds here on the Betterment blog.

This week we’re back with a lot more design related content. Whether you’re a developer or designer, I encourage you to check out each category’s links. There’s usually a lot of overlap in those two categories that each role can benefit from.

Internet Hoarding #2


Sneak peek at Macaw


It may just be the tool that designers who can’t code or want to put together quick prototypes have been waiting for!

The Most Difficult Design Conversation You’ll Ever Have


Something every designers goes through from time to time. Perhaps this will better arm you for the next time.

Product Strategy Means Saying No


Just say no to feature creep, kids.

Convince Clients that It’s Content Before Graphics


Stop designing for lorem ipsum. Everyone wins. A great read for designers and strategists alike.

Forecast Font


If you’ve got an app idea that’s itching to disrupt the weather app market – then this is the font for you!

Supersteil – Portfolio Site


Super fun interactions. Check out the MacBook Air open animation and the interactive sketchbook. Very cool!


Style Guide Boilerplate


An awesome starting point for any front-end style guide. You could also throw links in there to logo & branding asset files to streamline things.

Normalizee.css in SASS


Finally, a nice port of good old normalize.css into SASS.

General Awesomeness

T+L Season in Review


Teehan + Lax continuing their reign of awesome with another labs project.

The News


Checking two sites is too many. Get your Hacker and Designer News fix all on one glorious and responsive interface!

Until Next Week

That’s all for this issue!  If you’re still craving some stimulating links though I recommend checking out our ever-growing backlog of Internet Hoarding posts. And if you have a link or two you’d like to share with the community feel free to share them in the comments below.  No spam or self promotion though, because it will be deleted 😉

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