Internet Hoarding is a weekly(ish) collection of links that I curate and share with the team here at digital-telepathy. Since it’s been going on with some regularity on an internal basis, we’ve decided to open up the audience by publishing these finds here on the Betterment blog.



Curated videos for web designers.

Hipster Logo Guide

If you ever get the itch to create yet another Hipster-esque logo, this is your guide.

Responsive Cereal

A follow up, now answering “What is responsive?”

Should I Use a Carousel

We all use them from time to time, but should we?

Mobile + Tablet Device Dimensions

An easy and fun way to quickly get device dimensions.


Great resource for all the go-to brand colors.

Electric Pulp

Super sharp portfolio site from the team at Electric Pulp. Even better on mobile.


Responsive Navigation

An awesome list of some popular methods of dealing with navigation on a responsive website.

CSS Zen Garden

It’s back, and it’s responsive with all the goodness CSS3 has to offer.


Focused screencasts for nearly every type of development.

Off Canvas Partial Touch Template

Super rad partial off-canvas layout using a bit of flexbox.

A great REM unit primer

If you’ve been wondering about REM units, or just looking to make sure you’re getting the most out of them; this is a great post in either case.


A Ruby library for reading and writing PSDs

CSS Animations Cheatsheet

A fun guide to all the wonder that are CSS animations.

  • Jamie Hamel-Smith

    The “Should I Use A Carousel” article annoyed me a bit. Only because they employed awful usability in order to make their point. I agree that the answer to the question is more often than not: No. But they should at least make the thing pause when you interact with it 😉 Of course it’s annoying to use… you did it wrong!

  • Great posts! Lost of great resources! Thank you!