Internet Hoarding is a weekly(ish) collection of links that I curate and share with the team here at digital-telepathy. Since it’s been going on with some regularity on an internal basis, we’ve decided to open up the audience by publishing these finds here on the Betterment blog.


Treehouse Redesign

Super fun new redux from the team at treehouse. Check it out on your devices too, looks awesome.


A cool new tool for creatives to organize their inspiration, tools and more. Awesome responsive site too!

Hello, and welcome to moviefone

Yes, I’ll hold – finally. Redesigning a lot more than the web, T+L has another awesome idea.

Ten Dollar Fonts

Got $10 and a penchant for awesome and underused typfaces?

In a Brush

If you’re a fan of amazing scripting, or have ever visited penmanship porn #SFW, you’ll enjoy perusing this site. Then maybe contemplate purchasing some pens & nibs.



Love Rails & Sinatra? Love the simplicity of static sites? Now you’ll love Middleman. Get it? It’s the middleman of all these things!

Atomic Design

@lukew’s notes from Brad Frost’s talk on Atomic Design. So many good nuggets here for RWD best practices and goals.

Development is Design

While we’re on the topic of Brad Frost, checkout his thoughts on dev as part of design. It’s undeniable. Nothing like handing off amazing PSD’s and interaction guidelines, to only see a duct taped mess go live to the web. Great development can’t trump bad design, and amazing design can’t overcome sloppy and rushed development.

Animated Checkboxes

In keeping with our roll of showing nearly everything Tympanus does, checkout these next level checkboxes. Awesome!

Snap SVG

Retina-friendly animations with SVG images. Basically looking for a reason to use this on an upcoming project.

Color Sublime

It’s just like going to the mall, but exclusively for Sublime Themes. What more could a dev want?

Navicon Transformicons

Nope, it’s not Michael Bay’s next action flick about alien robot icons. But they are awesome ways to make your hamburger icon tastier than a real burger!

General Awesomeness

What does your startup do

Next time you’re writing that catchy hero hook and promise, look no further.

We don’t need daylight savings time


Name that blue

How well do you know your favorite app and website colors? Not just blues either. You can add sports teams and more.