The DT kitchen is a pretty awesome place. Not only do we have amazing catered lunches twice a week and a kickass coffee setup, we also have a Vitamix blender and unlimited smoothie supplies! Smoothies can be an easy Monday morning breakfast or a tasty mid-day treat, providing a great energy boost for the day. Creating a nutritious and great-tasting smoothie isn’t easy though; too much of this or that and suddenly you’re facing 12 ounces of brownish-yuck-sludge.

Why Smoothies Are Great for You

Blended juices and smoothies are an incredibly simple way to get water, easily digestible nutrients, and fiber into your body all at once. Because they’re already partially broken down, the nutrients are more bioavailable (easier for your body to absorb) leaving your digestive system less work to do.

Depending on your goals, smoothies are also great for weight loss (or gain), workout recovery, and even for relieving hangover by reducing dehydration levels. Plus, they’ll fill you up without leaving you feeling heavy.

What to Put in Your Smoothie


Most everyone loves frozen fruit and yogurt in their smoothie. But according to author and wellness activist Kris Carr, smoothies should actually be three parts vegetables to one part fruit. This ratio raises the alkalinity of the recipe and also keeps the sugar count lower, preventing a sugar crash afterward.

Every Thursday, 40lbs of fresh fruits and veggies are delivered from a local farm to Digital Telepathy! Adding delicious seasonal ingredients like passion fruit, clementines, meyer lemons, sweet basil, or swiss chard can boost the deliciousness of your chilly blended beverage and also make it much more nutritious.

The DT pantry is also packed with supplements like ground flaxseed, chia seeds, coconut oil, green powder, maca powder, whey protein, vegetable protein, and a variety of tinctures like colloidal silver, milk thistle extract, and Wellness Formula for immune support. These additives are great for rounding out the nutrition profile for a meal replacement smoothie or to help fight off an illness.

How We Made Smoothies Even Better

Smoothie Increase Office Productivity

Many of us have learned the hard way that smoothies require a bit more finesse than just grabbing your favorite ingredients and throwing them in the Vitamix. Not only do you have to balance the flavor profiles … there’s also consistency and volume to consider; it’s easy to make your smoothie too thin or thick or make way too much.

To help with the learning curve, and also speed up the smoothie making process, I’ve been prepping “smoothie packs” in advance and storing them in the freezer. So, if you see a stack of red solo cups around the office, they’re not for beer pong (our house-made brew is served in proper pint glasses, obviously)!

Our smoothie packs are pre-loaded with: 1 cup assorted frozen fruit (blueberries, strawberries, mango), 2 tsp. ground flaxseed, 1 tsp. chia seed, 1 tsp. hemp seed, and a handful of greens (baby kale, chard, spinach).

All you have to do is dump these into the Vitamix, add any supplements you want, and a bit of water or milk. Turn the Vitamix on low first, then move it to high once the base ingredients are spinning. Stop midway, check the consistency, and then add your preferred protein powder and ice as necessary before giving it a final spin.

Then Voila! You have a great tasting smoothie that fills your glass perfectly. Of course, you can make two or three if you’re feeling generous.

Starting The Day Off Right

Smoothies are not only key for helping DT employees reap daily nutritional benefits, but our smoothie pack system is a huge timesaver. I can make about 50 in an hour, while it can easily take 10-15 minutes for an individual to build a single smoothie with 7-8 ingredients. In mere minutes, people have a blended, tasty, healthy breakfast and are ready to conquer their day.