Our friends over at Wafflehause Media just pushed a new client site of theirs live and it’s got the office here drooling.  So naturally, I wanted to share the work with our community too!

You’ll notice it’s a single page design with multiple url’s, which was something asked about frequently in the comments of our two recent posts on pageless design: Stop Building Websites and Start Building Smart Site as well as 8 Reasons Why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web.  Both are great reads and if you’d like to buck up on the philosophy behind a site design like the one below, they’re a good place to start.

The New Pageless Marketplace Website

The Marketplace is a local market in San Diego.  It’s approximately a 15-minute walk from our offices downtown and many of us enjoy eating there on a regular basis.


What I really like about this design is that as you continue to scroll beyond the point show in the image above, a visual story that’s true to The Marketplace’s values begins (and continues) to unfold.

When you land on the site, right away, you see that food (especially sandwiches) are important to them.  And then you find out that people love them (both the market and the sandwiches).  And then you visually you begin to see that things like the individual ingredients are key to making the food they sell excellent.

You get this impression long before you take the time to read their copy…


San Diego’s favorite deli. Since 1980, we’ve been purveyors of delicious food, at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients and crafting great sandwiches.”

Once you’ve been reeled in with the highly engaging elements of a pageless story you’re encouraged to use the menus to place an order.  When you get to the bottom they say, “Come and get it!” with their address/location map.  Simple!  Beautiful!  And all in one page.

Have You Seen Pageless Work “In the Wild”?

After all of the conversation surrounding our recent posts on pageless design it was so cool seeing another design house putting that same philosophy to work right here in our own neck of the woods.  Great job Wafflehause!

Have you come across any good examples of pageless design lately?  If so, drop us a link in the comments with a brief description of what you like about it.