From the real world to the web, the arrow symbol has been an essential tool that has helped get us to where we need to be in our everyday experiences. In web design especially, arrows have played an important role in guiding the user experience of our audiences, whether it’s through a call-to-action button, a navigational element, or even a link to an upcoming slide.

We use them constantly at DT – and to such a degree that we thought it’d be great to create a way of making this versatile symbol much more accessible to our daily workflows.

Therefore, we’re very excited to announce Arrrows, a fully scalable icon font for all of your design needs.

With the current direction of the web and the growing use of CSS styles and web fonts, we realized that having a font library of different style arrows would not only save time in our workflows but also be a valuable tool in executing our designs on the web.

Here are some of the things we love the most about Arrrows:

Also, whether you decide to get the free icon set or font bundle, you’ll get access to the fully editable and scalable pixel perfect PSD containing the entire Arrrow icon set in both normal and circled arrow styles.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using Arrrows as much as we do!

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the Arrrows font giveaway! Congratulations David Morrison and Jan for being the lucky two to win the random drawing. We’ll be in touch shortly to deliver the Arrrows font bundle to you!

  • I would use an arrow for a play button to launch an audio player for a comic podcast site.

  • I would use arrrows as site and page wayfinders, and arrrows to indicate actions, and arrrows to suggest thought flow, arrrows for calls to action, and arrrows for buttons. Arrrows are a simple and effective magnet for attention and attraction.

  • Jan

    I always love the DT products. I use them to put attention on specific text items or CtA

    dutch Internet Guy

  • I’ll be using the arrows for the UI&UX of an exciting new music related project that’s currently in development

  • I’ll use Arrows as part of the wayfinding design on any of the websites I design – and of course I plan to list all the 3rd-party assets in the colophon section of the About pages.

  • I do a lot of dental/medical websites and use them for before and after galleries. Looks great.

  • i do design for websites and social media, and i write articles for tech blog too, never had enough of arrows. Thanks for the nice collection

  • The most fascinating thing which makes me feel like to add arrows onto my website is Easy web font integration.