The office was pretty ecstatic today when word spread about our feature in TechCrunch! With 600,000 subscribed RSS readers it’s easy to see the power of the TechCrunch community and significance of getting a review of your idea on such an authoritative platform.

First off I want to extend a gargantuan thanks (and for those of you who have been to our office a massive gong) to Duncan Riley at TechCrunch for posting an honest and constructive review of our business model and giving us the opportunity to extend our ideas to the Web 2.0 and entrepreneur community. So, thanks Duncan!

As for our new direction, it took a lot courage to leave our comfy agency model for a new and radical approach to building online businesses. But we couldn’t feel more confident in our decision to go for it and follow our passions. We have the lofty goals of being both innovative and world changing in our projects. You just can’t reach that level unless you love what you do.

I know there are always going to be skeptics – we encourage this type of feedback. One comment from the TechCrunch post stated: “digital-telepathy is in San Diego, not a locus of the tech industry. So what are the odds that the people there actually know the trade?”

My answer: This is the web – location means nothing. We dream in web 2.0 shininess. We’ve been located in San Diego since 2002 and are always working throughout the 4 corners of the nation. Come on…when was the last time you had a client strategic meeting sitting on a surf board in Silicon Valley? Besides, our friend Sir Richard just announced that Virgin America will be flying daily from San Diego to San Francisco. We roll in style!