Do you live and breathe the web? Are you passionate about design?  Is the entrepreneurial spirit something that keeps you up at night?

The last ten years of DT have been a great journey.  We’ve worked with all kinds of amazing people, on all sorts of fun projects.  As a bunch of people who are committed to designing the web, we’ve extended our passion to create some pretty nifty software products, like SlideDeck and Hello Bar.  These two have grown from ideas, to proof-of-concept, to real-life products. We’re looking for someone to help us take these (and many more) products to the next level.  So…We’re excited to announce that we’re hiring a Product Manager for DT Labs.  You’ll work with a team of great individuals and help to change the design of the web.

Take a look at these people below – do they inspire and excite you?  You might be the next person to join our team.

You get the job done time and time again

You break the rules and set your sights high

You are creative and dream big

You’re not afraid to laugh at your own expense

Nothing is impossible to you

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