When I found out that we made the San Diego Business Journal’s Fastest Growing 100 Companies, I thought, “Hmmm, perhaps we are in the 80s someplace.” It wasn’t until Ryan, our VP of Strategy, and I sat down and actually looked at our growth over the past 2 years and thought, “Wow, we have a shot to make the top 10!” We’ve grown over 350% in revenues to be exact and secured a spot as #9 on the list. We were in good company joined by current and previous clients, The Honest Kitchen and Vavi Sport and Social, at 16 and 30 respectively.

We couldn’t help but snicker proudly when we found that most of our top 10 counterparts were backed by investment capital or recently re-capitalized. To this day, dt has never taken on any investment capital or borrowed money, although a salary is a new thing to me (Whoohoo!). We owe this accomplishment to the drive and dedication of our staff, the confidence that our clients have in us and the will to do things differently…our way. We are proud to grow our company by working with clients we believe in and on projects that inspire us. Thanks goes out to all that have supported our vision and kept us on track over the years.

Congrats dt!