In the past year, we have been honored with many awards, including Top 10 out of the Fastest 100 Growing Companies and Best Place to Work by the San Diego Business Journal. We are fortunate to be bestowed with another acknowledgment as a Finalist in the Fast Growth 20 by bizSanDiego Magazine.

bizSanDiego looks at revenue growth averages from the last three years, local employee growth over the past year and even takes into account market growth, including acquisitions, award recognitions, clients served and traction into other markets.

As I always say, “smoke ’em while you got ’em!” Although we plan to win many awards in the future, we are taking a break from the revenue-based accomplishments. We do not expect our consulting revenues to increase by 3x a year as they have in the past. 2008 is a year of heavy construction for digital-telepathy. We have diversified our focus and invested across many platforms of business and communication. We have focused our design services into a distinct process of user experience and web strategy development. We hope to create a new and fresh approach to conferences with Freedom in Action (FinA). We have 3 new startups that we are developing with our sister company RE3EL. We even built the new San Diego web news and events site,

So forgive us if we don’t measure our success by revenue and post a press release every time we score a new brand as a client. We’re working on something bigger. Our family of employees wants more than standard projects. We are putting our mission into action to make a positive impact within the world.