Fun at dt during the holiday season!

We’ve noticed that there is a need for a Coworking space in San Diego. So we are opening our office up to the San Diego Web Community. We prefer to share our space with creative and independent professionals working in the 2.0 space that are open to sharing their perspectives, humor, ideas and energy.

We currently have 4 workstations available at dt. We offer:

In case you are unfamiliar with what Coworking is – here’s its Wikipedia entry:

Coworking is an emerging trend for a new pattern for working. Typically work-at-home professionals or independent contractors or people who travel frequently end up working in an isolated way. Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.

If you are interested in a workstation at dt or just want to drop in and for a few days, please post a comment below or give us a call. Here’s our flickr stream.