We’ve been hard at work developing a new way of doing business on the web. We decided to embrace our experience with web 2.0 by building an agency business model around it. We took a close look at our core values and along with our mission and vision statements:

Vision: We are building a sustainable organization that creates organic internet initiatives for our community of businesses and friends to advocate our shared dreams and passions in life.

Mission: To create a path of organic and balanced growth for our community of businesses and friends that removes boundaries and creates freedom.

We started to see the web 2.0 philosophy rooted within our company beliefs. Advocation, Community, Freedom – these ideals are enabled by the new democratized platforms of the web. We decided to focus only on the creation of new ideas and initiatives that promote a positive change within the internet as well as the world at large. So we developed Agency+ as a new form of interactive agency. A model that is not focused on charging per pageview or creating more of the same content on the web. Agency+ builds online experiences that call for “power to the web surfers” and unites people and brands.

Today is our Phoenix day. Our website and press materials enjoyed a much deserved facelift. We covered the walls of our office with our core values and filled it with lush plant life. We will be taking most of the day to reflect on our 7 year history and empower our team to own our new identity. We look forward emerging tomorrow and sharing the opportunities of the new web with our clients and partners.

To learn more about Agency+, check out our press release.