As you have probably either heard of, been to or seen; dt is starting to host a number of events and workshops on a monthly basis. We’ve hosted Lunch 2.0, Refresh and today hosted our first (and successful) workshop! Our first workshop was titled: Public Relations 2.0: New Web, New Tools, New Opportunities. Attendees included PR, marketing and business professionals from all over San Diego. The morning consisted of some light networking, coffee and Einsteins bagels (yumz), and a casual presentation about the tools PR professionals can use to get a grasp in the 2.0 space.

The feedback was very positive about the workshop and we’ll definitely be hosting more to come. Keep checking back at our events page to get the most up to date information. Thanks again to all who attended and we look forward to seeing the amazing PR 2.0 campaigns you launch (even if you have to blend an iPhone)! 😉

To access our presentation click here:

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