Champion Sound Shout OutsWorking on a slick web application like Champion Sound is a real joy, and keeping up with the times can be challenging. These days Twitter is becoming a household name, and Facebook already is, so it makes sense that Champion Sound should play nicely with these two platforms. If you want to get the word out, email is only part of the solution in today’s social climate. Short messaging has been on a rise since it became popular on mobile phones like the Nokia 5100 series in the late ’90s, and it’s still with us and stronger than ever today.

Champion sound is all about communication, and getting relevant content to your subscribers, so in keeping up with the times we’ve added Twitter and Facebook support to Champion Sound in the past few weeks. The new Shout Out functionality allows Champion Sound users to Shout Out an event or email. This means thier statuses on Facebook, Twitter, or both will be updated with the message and a link to view the rich content on We plan to add MySpace and SMS support soon, and to continue extending the capabilities of what we believe is the best email marketing and promotion tool out there.