GoLifeLike most geeks, we have been watching the mobile space for a while. As we continue to build web apps big and small we constantly get excited about being able to take those apps mobile and about creating purely mobile apps as well. Yep, sure 2006 was supposed to be the year of mobile and then 2007 and now it’s 2008. But, we agree with the vast majority of the geeks that believe that 2008 will be the year that we’ll start to really see mobile explode.

That’s why we are especially excited that we have created a strategic development and marketing partnership with GoLife Mobile, a Portland company (Hillsboro to be exact) that has come up with a revolutionary way to deliver apps on mobile phones. Okay, so it’s nothing necessarily different to be delivering mobile apps to the likes of iPhones and the fanciest new smart phones on the market. But, the reality is that the vast majority of people don’t have smart phones (less than 20% at last count). And, it’s no different these days to be delivering mobile apps that tell you where a restaurant or dry cleaner is near your house or how your stock is doing. But, GoLife Mobile goes beyond and we are looking forward to working with the GoLife team because:

The GoLife partnership will enable digital-telepathy and REBEL, our thinkubator, to be able to better serve our clients and partners as well as the web community in which we operate.