I was driving down to work this morning, fresh Starbucks coffee in hand, when I stopped at a light and noticed the paper sleeve protecting me from my Americano. Boldly emblazoned on the side of this little gadget were the words: Made from 60% post-consumer products. Alas, it warms my heart (if not my hand) when a giant like S’bucks takes the lead on organic initiatives, especially those involving the preservation of our nation’s resources.

With the fast approach of Earth Day, I count my blessings to work in an office staffed with socially conscious individuals. Case in point? We’re leaving our computer terminals tomorrow and instead spending our work day cleaning the beautiful beaches of San Diego. Want to help? Just shoot me an email and I’ll give you all the details!

For those of you unable to join us on our litter-finding frenzy, I have compiled some easy ways you can bring environmental consciousness to the forefront of your office space this spring. Read on and feel greener by the moment.

1) Save Energy
• Shut down your computer at night
• Use smart power strips (with an off switch) for all of your plugged-in electronics
• Install CFL lighting throughout your office
• Work with the lights off during bright daylight hours

2) Save Trees
…or “The greenest paper is no paper at all”
• Save docs on the computer instead of printing and filing
• Send emails and online docs instead of mailing
• Use unbleached paper (even paper towels) in the office where paper is required
• Buy recycled paper products
• Utilize double-sided printing

3) Save Gas (oh, and the atmosphere)
• Share a ride with coworkers (even as I write this I’m counting at least 3 people who should be piled into my car at 7:45 every morning)
• Take public transportation
• Ride a bike, walk, get some of that darn good fresh air
• Buy a cleaner (see more efficient, not necessarily hybrid) car

4) Green your space

• Add plants to pump some of that needed oxygen back into your office air (they give your office some personality, too!)
• Buy office furniture made from sustainable resources (our cubes are by Herman Miller)
• Turn off the A/C and open the windows

5) Green your lunch break
• Buy organic
• Bring your lunch in washable/reusable containers
• Stock washable silverware and dishes in the staff kitchen instead of tossing away those plastic sporks after every meal
• Eat outside…to enjoy the Earth that you’re actively working to protect.

Happy Earth Day!