After months of hard work, the teams at Pathway Genomics, digital-telepathy and SantexGroup are proud to announce the launch of the full Pathway Genomics Website. Pathway provides DNA SNP genotyping, which provides profound insight into your genetic makeup. No needles are necessary! Just 2ml of your saliva will allow Pathway to analyze your personal genome and provide you with interesting and actionable reports on your genetic health and ancestry.

pathway population risk

As humans, our DNA carries genetic markers which provide risk-factor indications to possible “traffic signals” in the road of life – genetic disease risk, carrier status for recessive health condition, and likely drug responses based on your personal genome. It’s always helpful to have a map – Pathway’s testing can help to identify these signals and help you steer your health in the right direction. Another really neat aspect of Pathway’s testing is the “Famous People Map,” which will show your genetic lineage/linking with some of history’s most remarkable individuals.

The membership section of the site is filled with all kinds of valuable information: construct your family history, learn how your lifestyle affects your health, learn about hundreds of health conditions and so much more. There are articles and information from leading researchers and institutions to help you make good decisions as well.

While this type of genetic testing has historically been reserved for a miniscule segment of society, with tests starting under $200, Pathway is now bringing advanced DNA analysis within reach of everyone. It’s painless, safe and extremely secure. Go to and check it out!