We were recently asked to build a landing page by our clients (& friends!) over at Joie de Vivre Hotels.  The landing page features all of their hotel properties located in Southern California. While most of their hotels are located in San Francisco, there are a handful of hotels located throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County regions.

The goal of the landing page/micro site was to spotlight each property and provide information about dining, wedding and event facilities. We wanted to create an immersive experience that echoes the unique Southern California feeling and lifestyle.

To set the mood of the site, we used large scale photographs as background images. There are 5 background images combined with unique taglines that represent each SoCal hotel property. These images play as a slideshow and can also be cycled through manually.

All of the hotel, dining and event content can be accessed by navigation located near the bottom of the page. Once clicked, the page content appears via Ajax and jQuery. At this point the user is presented with information and appropriate calls to action.

As always, we aim to create web experiences that are engaging and easy to use. Check out the finished project here and if you are in SoCal (or San Francisco) I encourage you to stay a night at any of their properties, you won’t be disappointed!