On Tuesday, Monique and I drove up to Santa Monica to participate (as audience members) in the Mixergy event, Strut Your Stuff. Internet startups presented their sites to a panel of four amazing specialists, one being Alex Funk of digital-telepathy.

The Mixergy event itself was an awesome experience. Sean Percival of docstoc, Jackie Peters of Heavybag Media, our very own Alex Funk and Nicole Jordan of The Rubicon Project provided the startups with valuable feedback about their websites.

Sean Percival spoke about search and we were impressed by his SEO knowledge. He always told the startup what he liked about their site and then went into some search strategies that would help optimize their site. Dedicating someone solely to the job of SEO, watching and analyzing Google analytics, and having a good page design were some of the techniques he offered. We are both following Sean on Twitter now and are looking forward to the words of wisdom he will share in the future.

Jackie Peters of HeavyBag Media presented her views on social media and was very captivating. We have been researching social media all summer, and we think she nailed it in terms of giving the startups some good ideas about building communities around their websites. She encouraged the startups to create a story for their brand that users could connect to.

Alex Funk was of course awesome. He spoke about different ways the startups could implement and utilize a widget strategy. Before working at dt, we never knew that embeddable content could be so effective.  Alex’s knowledge is definitely not limited to widgets, but he did an amazing job of coming up with strategies on the spot.  Monique and I agree that he definitely belonged on the panel of EXPERTS.

Finally, Nicole Jordan from the Rubicon Project was helpful with some PR tactics. Since we do not have very much experience with PR, it was nice to hear Nicole reminding startups to find their target market.  As marketing ladies, we can relate.  She also reminded them to work on an “elevator pitch.” We think this is important, especially when trying to get funding from some VC’s.

Some startups from the event that we found particularly interesting and groundbreaking were:

We found the Mixergy event to be very insightful and thought provoking. It was amazing being able to see the startups’ ideas presented to an audience of established web professionals. Hearing the panelists’ feedback was not only valuable for the participants, but also for the audience members. Thank you to Mixergy for putting on such a great event, and a big thank you to those who presented and also to those who sat on the panel. We realize that it took a lot of courage for the presenters to showcase their ideas and that it took a lot of time and energy for the panelists who provided great feedback throughout the event.

–Lacy and Monique