We try not to get too political over here at dt, but in this case, we just-couldn’t-help ourselves. Here are a few reasons we think the infamous hecklers of The Muppet Show should run for President and Vice President!

Ma-Nah Ma-Nah't boring!

  1. Hurricane Katrina Astoria was the birth name of Statler’s ex wife. So, he knows all about natural disasters.
  2. To them, the “Stock Market” sounds like a place you’d go to get celery.
  3. To them, the word “Socialist” means “Everyone who has a MySpace or Facebook page and updates it frequently.”
  4. Yes, they’re OLD, but they’ve been 70 since the 70’s and still haven’t died.
  5. Their understanding of “going green” means hanging out with Kermit after work.
  6. When asked about women’s rights, they’ll say, “What’s wrong with their lefts?”
  7. When asked about what political party they’re associated with they said “which ever party is over by 7pm so we can be home to watch Matlock and have an Alka Seltzer before bed.”
  8. To them, the word “Maverick” sounds like a quickie mart in Flagstaff, Arizona.
Post a comment below on any other reason[s] you think these two should run for the Oval Office!
  • They never flip flop on issues.
    Well… almost never.
    OK sometimes they do.
    Actually, they change views quite often.
    They can NEVER make up their minds!

  • HighAesthetic

    This is fantastic, especially since every time I see McCain speak I get so pissed that I start to talk like Animal and need to be restrained…

  • There’s always the obvious: They’re both puppets with hands shoved up their….oh wait, the muppets were done with strings, weren’t they…..BLASTED! Foiled again!

  • Johnny Repine

    Oh, no, hands are throroughly up their…