SEO? Weblogs? SMO and SMM? Link Development? What ever happened to the good old print advertising, direct mailers, or even the on-the-hour 5pm calls we used to ignore during the dinner hour? Marketing used to be predictable strategies that marketers would execute before the introduction of a product, a service or an idea. Introducing a new product? Splurge on some print, billboard and media advertising to increase awareness. Interested in increasing sales for the next year? Invest more marketing dollars in various media and print ads, direct mailers, or sales promotions. These concepts are still sworn and used by traditional marketers today, but as the method of Madison Ave. begins to go about the way of 80’s hyper colored parachute pants I had to ask myself, where is marketing heading and can I get in on it too?

I just graduated in December with a B.S. in Marketing and surprisingly some marketing courses are still swearing by the traditional use of print and commercial advertising and barely scratching the surface on the digital marketing realm. This concerns me, not only because I just had my first glance this week at the power and influence of the digital marketing universe, but also because students need to be up to date on this continuously evolving and emerging marketing channel in order to stay competitive upon graduation.

My first week at dt has been quite an eye opener into the digital marketing world, not to mention a busy one! The first thing I learned this week was link development; the concept of linking your site between relevant ones which in turn assists in search engine optimization. Furthermore, algorithm and lead generation are two different types of link dev. This is important to businesses because it allows for you to give your website maximum exposure, which can further assist in buzz, conversion, click through rates, profit, etc. Which makes everyone extremely happy. So that was the first part of the week for me at dt.

The last two days at dt have been focused on the concepts such as anchor text and tagging and the constantly growing social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM). Social networking is the connection through various social familiarities ranging from casual acquaintance to close familial bonds. In these social networking sites we can develop linkable content in which to build popularity to our site which will in turn assist in link dev and ultimately improve our search engine ranking…da tah! I am still working on completely understanding the difference between how SMO and SMM work, but here’s what I have so far…

SMO is submitting your content to social bookmarking website and tagging it, in order to create additional inbound links to support your link development efforts. SMM is the strategy side of social networking. What kind of tactics are we going to use in which to embed our message on these various social networks? This is the stage at which we as marketers engage our target audience and create a buzz.

Well, the first week is coming to a close and even though my brain is on overload, I can’t stop thinking about digital marketing and the various tools I will be able to implement in future marketing campaigns here at dt. What an exciting part of marketing I get to pursue!