I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy.com last week.  Andrew is responsible for many local web mixer events such as Lunch 2.0 and Happy Hour 2.0 in both San Diego and LA.  He’s been a great support to our community and someone that I highly respect.

Here’s the write up and phone interview.

  • I think your story is a great listen for anyone who wants to build something from nothing on the Web.

    Listening to it again yesterday was pretty motivating. I got more done in the hours after hearing your interview than I did the whole previous day.

    Still, I was disappointed in myself as an interviewer for not asking more about HOW you did it. How’d you go from $300 a month in salary to an office full of great people. How’d you find all those great people. How do you keep your office so cool and fun–but also productive?

    As an interviewer, I need to learn how to go after a deeper understanding.

  • Chuck Longanecker

    Sounds like we have enough material here for another interview in the future! A lot of the progress came from persistence. In the advent of a new business you tend to make compromises in order to have small gains. This usually results in a half of a step forward and two steps back. Strong relationships with allies and complimentary businesses on the other hand and propel you forward very quickly.