August is right around the corner and the countdown to our Open House is winding down! We are certainly looking forward to the event and we wanted to take a few minutes to fill you guys in on some details, including a great last minute addition to our “cast”!

We are excited to announce that America Escobar, Acupuncturist and founder of America’s Longevity Health Clinic, will join our fabulous Open House presentation team.

During the event, we invite you to roam around the office and check everything out. There will be display areas set up around the office and feel free to stop anyone from dt for more info and/or to pick their brains on any of their work. There will be an early and late showing of the Web 2.0 presentations; make sure to catch one of them for the inside scoop on and To learn more now about the presenters, bios are listed below follow for each of the featured guests.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in their RSVP; and for everyone else who has received the invitation please send in your RSVP soon to reserve your space. We have to cap the invite list due to capacity, so if you plan on attending don’t delay your RSVP. If you didn’t get an invitation and are interested in attending, please contact me at laura at

PS- If you want to make it a full night affair (and truly see if you really can out drink a Columbian Senior Engineer), Gage from Merge Events will be hosting an after hours party at the Airport Lounge. Good times to come!

Featured Artists, Musicians and Entrepreneurs


Jon Carder

Jon Carder is a successful entrepreneur who got an accidental start in the Internet industry in 1999 with his first venture, BabysHeaven. He didn’t have a computer and would have to use his neighbor’s computer to see if he received any orders. Since then Jon’s Internet prowess has grown significantly; he has started and sold the very successful Client Shop and now is founder and CEO of Jon has surfed all over the world, gone diving with great white sharks, tried out for “The Apprentice” reality TV show (he didn’t make it) and appeared on “ElimiDate” reality TV show (he was rejected). He also spends time with his daughter, Natalie, 8.


Liliana Townshend

Liliana Townshend is a passionate entrepreneur who loves using the Internet to connect and enrich the Hispanic community. Most recently she has launched, a one-of-a-kind online community built to celebrate and support the connection between friends and family across Mexico and the United States. She was inspired to build TierraNatal after having created a small scale version for Jocotepec, her home town. Back in 2000 she created, an ecommerce website that offered the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets business-to-consumer and business-to-business technology products, information and services.

TRAVIS HOUSTON– Shoot on Sight

Travis Houston

Travis Houston’s obsession with photography began in the 7th grade. At that time his school’s photography lab did not allow 7th graders to participate. He was as tenacious back then as he is now and convinced the school to let him in. He was very inspired by his teacher, Mister Coleman, who brought life and excitement to the craft and pushed him to explore creative expression. He ended up shooting for the yearbook the next few years. His passion really exploded when he was given a fully loaded Minolta x700 for his high school graduation. Travis shot with that camera up until 2003 when he made the switch to digital. Currently his sights are set on event, fashion, and portrait photography. Recent clients include Adidas, It’s All About the Kids Foundation, digital-telepathy, San Diego Wine and Culinary Center and many local models. He is co-founder of Shoot On Sight Photography, live in San Diego, CA with his wife and daughter and love to surf, travel, and invest in real estate.

HENRY CHANG– “Stainless” of Soul in the Machine

Henry Chang

Henry Chang is “Stainless” of Soul in the Machine, a live electronic dance band. He designs and builds stainless steel structures, co-designs instruments and is the welder and resident “expert” in dreaming up outlandish instruments, most of which will never see the light of day. He plays the Laserharp, violin, keyboard, drumwall and slide. He graduated from UC San Diego with degrees in Political Science and Math/Computer Science. He played classical piano during childhood and switched to new age, blues and jazz in college and post graduation.

Ironically, Henry got a ‘C’ grade in electronic music class at UCSD (as he “couldn’t get a grip on the analog non-MIDI synth”, though he now does better with modern MIDI controlled synths). He did private study with Rick Helzer, Associate Director of Jazz Studies at SDSU. Henry switched to electronica after experiencing his first clubbing ‘rave’ type event (“If Rick ever finds out he will not be impressed”). Musical influences through the different periods of life are in line with his musical training and he hasn’t listened to much of anything but electronica since 1999 in an effort to better understand the sub-genres. Henry enjoys merging non-electronica influences into dance songs. To contact Henry or learn more about Soul in the Machine please visit


Joy Houston

Painting in oil is Joy Houston’s major creative outlet. She taught herself through experimentation, research, and by seeking guidance from inspiring artists. Joy starts each of her paintings by holding a specific feeling in her mind and body. She creates each piece as an invitation to the perceiver to experience that feeling or state. Joy uses detailed objects in the foreground to give our analytical minds something to digest while our core perceives the feelings offered by the art as a whole. She creates paintings that give the mind something of visual interest to evaluate, judge and describe while the rest of our being takes in the variations of color that make up the body of her work. It is her belief that while the mind qualifies and quantifies, labels good, bad or beautiful our core takes in the essence and intention put into each piece as it was created. Her commitment is to create works that invite the perceiver to the various states of being in the high vibrational ranges. She believes that the more time we spend in peace, joy, excitement, and like emotions the better life we attract. To see examples of Joy’s work and learn more about her visit her blog at

AMERICA ESCOBAR America’s Longevity Health Clinic

America Escobar

America has been in the Health Industry for more than 20 years. She holds a Holistic Health Practitioner license, a B.A in Psychology, and an M.B.A. Additionally, she continues medical classes which enhances her ability to incorporate Eastern modalities with traditional methods. America’s long-term goal is to complete her Medical degree at Stanford University. America blends massage technique, spiritual wisdom, intellectual knowledge, and psychological understanding to help people create positive changes in their physical and emotional lives. Some of the modalities she uses are guided imagery, psycho synthesis, inner child work, art therapy, hypnotherapy, aroma therapy, stone therapy, visualization, and cognitive therapy. She is also available to give nutrition, exercise, and cooking lectures to the business community. For more information please visit

BRIAN BONDFoxxy Roxxy Make Up Artistry

Brian Bond

Highly accredited make-up artist Brian Bond has worked in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. Brian’s incredible talent and determination, teamed with his new consciousness for the art of make-up has been innovative and awe inspiring in television, commercial, catalog and stage. “ I see things differently than other people; make-up allows me to show the world what I’m seeing!” His superior product knowledge and extensive kit compels his intuitive creative artistry to come to life. His artistry “worked” the runways and stages of Fashion Week, the Grammy’s, the Latin Grammy’s, the ALMA Awards, Macy’s Passport, the Playboy Mansion and Rock Star INXS! Savoring the new, the offbeat and the inspiring, Brian’s expertise, professionalism and personality keep his backstage presence exciting and trustworthy. For more info and visit Brian online at

JONATHAN GAGE- Merge Life and Music

Through Merge, Jonathan Gage has been producing events in Southern California for ten years. In this time, he has developed a reputation for unique music, performance, and media production, as well as one-of-a-kind technical installations and custom visual content development. Gage has self-produced numerous events as Merge, including Project Cathedral, Crowd Test, Pangea, and Digital Ornithology. He has also produced events in conjunction with other groups and institutions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Man, and the San Deigo Art Institute. In 2001, he produced Continuum, which earned 3 Tommy awards.

ARNOLD YOON– dt & Shoot on Sight

For the last twenty-five years, Arnold Yoon has captured time as it passes before his eyes. With an experiential foundation that has been built on thousands of feet of black and white film and countless hours in the darkroom, he now enjoys the benefits of digital imaging techniques. His passion in photography lies in capturing the essence of human emotion in every arena. Living in San Diego has presented Arnold with newfound opportunities with Shoot On Sight Photography and digital-telepathy, and he is very excited to be involved in both.


The Road Film

Situation– Burma, is one of the most oppressed nations in the world, and remains under the control of a brutal military Junta. With the international community unaware of the atrocities that are taking place, it leaves little hope for those who are being afflicted. Mass rape of women, ethnic cleansing, mandatory relocations, military recruitment of children, and forced labor are only a few of the many violations that are taking place.

Story– In the summer of 2007 four friends made a decision to embark on a journey that could cost them their lives. Their goal was to break into an unknown country, in order to uncover a story the world had never heard. Armed with cameras and Powerbars, the four friends ventured into the jungles of Burma with their cameras rolling, and what they found has forever changed them.

Goals– The immediate goals are to get the film completed, so the initial stages of raising awareness can begin. We hope that through awareness comes action, so we have to implement tangible ways average people like you and me can take a stand for justice. Long term goals are to overthrow an evil military regime.

The Road Film

David Schulz
David met the Karen people during the summer of 2004 while helping out at an orphanage in the town of Mae Sot in Thailand. He graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Media in 2005. He is a talented camera man with an eye for the beautiful, and an accomplished editor who can cut it up with the best of them. David just got married this past June to his best friend’s sister.

Dustin Kinney
Dustin is the heart and soul of the team. It was his passion for the Karen people that helped to inspire the rest of the team to act. If Dustin could be anywhere it would be standing alongside his Karen brothers. He graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2005 with a degree in International Development.

The Road Film

Brett Thornton
Brett is the creative mind that provides all the ideas we could ever need. He is a passionate character that cares deeply about the future of the Karen People. He is dedicated to seeing their freedom go from hope to reality. He graduated from San Diego State University in 2003 with a degree in Political Science. Brett was married this past April, but doesn’t have the bragging rights of marrying his best friend’s sister.

Bryan Monzon
Bryan is the guy who loves to be unnoticed. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does you better listen. He is the tech guy who figures everything out with the cameras and computers, so the rest of the guys can act like they know what they’re doing. Brian is currently going to the Art Institute, and is going to be graduating in 2008.

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