Champion Sound launched into Private Beta about two months ago and we’ve been hammering this puppy hard, plugging holes, adding a few features, squashing a few bugs, etc., etc. Well, we just launched a few awesome features that will make email blast creation super simple.

cs_image-library.jpgImage Library

Booyah, we’ve finally got an image library, and this image library kicks some arse. I’ve dealt with some good email campaign image libraries and a ton of bad ones. We’ve taken a few of the best image library management features we’ve always wanted and added them in to make an easy to use, unique experience:

cs_drafts.jpgAutomatic Drafts

Internet Explorer crash on you in the middle of a creating a blast again? Started making your email, but still waiting on creative from your designer? Want to get ahead on creating next week’s event notification, but don’t want to schedule it to send yet? No Problem! Now, your email blasts will automatically be saved as a draft and accessible from your account’s Overview page. When you’re ready to resume editing, just click on the blast name from the draft list and you’ll be taken back right where you left off!


Forward to a friend

Now all recipients of your email blasts can forward your email to their friends! With our easy forward to a friend form, your subscribers can forward your email to up to 10 other people at a time. Talk about viral spread!

Awesome new email template

We’ve upped the bar for sponsor quality and setup a killer new template for your emails to be sent in.

These are just a few of the features we’ve had rolling around in our heads. Keep checking back here for more Champion Sound feature launches!