Skin It To Win It - Design a custom SlideDeck skin. Winner gets a free Apple iPad!Design a SlideDeck skin, win an Apple iPad!

We just launched a design contest to create SlideDeck “skins” and get the opportunity to globally expose your design skills. Grand prize wins a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad!

How do I participate?

  1. Create a killer design for a SlideDeck skin. Check out some of the great examples for SlideDecks other people have implemented on our examples page.
  2. Submit your design to the contest microsite before the 26th of April. Your design will be available for public voting until the 5th of May.
  3. After the public voting period has ended, we will choose 20 finalists! If you are a winner, we’ll request your source files and work on creating a skin based on your design.

Sounds great! Got any tips on how to win?

We will be judging SlideDeck skins based on the following criteria:

  1. Concept/Originality – Your SlideDeck design should be original and creative, not just a color change of someone else’s design.
  2. Completeness of Design – No half-ass designs here, think things through and submit an amazing piece and you’re more likely to win!
  3. Legality and Feasibility – Your design needs to be doable. This means it can’t use copywritten material, and most importantly it can actually be built as a SlideDeck skin.

SlideDeck designs should be capable of being converted into a skin CSS file that any SlideDeck user could easily deploy. So, if we determine that to accomplish your design it would require modifying the HTML of the SlideDeck, you won’t qualify. Don’t let this be a limit to your creativity though!

Something else to keep in mind is that SlideDecks can be any size and the spines between slides can be any width. We recommend designing for a particular optimal height, but setting up your design so that it could be flexible – whether that’s a repeating background image or color for height is up to your creativity.