We’ve been hard at work developing a platform to serve the San Diego web community. We realized that there are many great startups and web professionals local to San Diego as well as great events. However, they were all fragmented and not following the 2.0 philosophies of shared communication and collaboration. So we decided to take on the challenge of bringing everyone together by promoting local educational and social events, connecting members of the community and creating some buzz for our startups. Who knows, maybe we will even throw a few events of our own in the future 😉

StartupSD logoIt started with a Facebook group to promote local events like Refresh, Lunch 2.0 and many meetup groups. As the community grew, we felt it was time to take the next step and develop a website dedicated to the web startup community in San Diego. So StartupSD.net was conceived as a way to “Start Up” the web scene in San Diego. It could be considered a metroblog with a strong twist of web. This is an early version of the site, so put down the hater’ade if there are bugs.

In order to pull this project off, we teamed up with our community of bloggers and technophiles to help lead the effort. If you are interested in participating or would like submit news or events, please write us at contact at startupsd.net.

We still have a lot of plans for the site, including:

You can get instant updates of news and events in San Diego by signing up for the RSS Feed or Twitter.