Convoy Auto Repair New Design

Pictured: David Ely and Arnold Yoon (dt Director of Operations)

We talk a lot about our new clients, but what about those “golden clients” who have been with us through the thick and thin? We are currently working on our third website design for Convoy Auto Repair.  They have been a client for 6 years, 75% of dt’s existence here in San Diego. Convoy’s owner, David Ely, has become a personal friend of ours.  We value our time together, exchanging both business strategies and life philosophies.

How did we do it? Here are a few tidbits of advice for long-term client success:

1. Trust: Ahead of his industry, David has continued to move his traditional marketing and advertising budget to the digital space at an increasing pace each year and trusts us to manage it.  Why? See results below.  Convoy has worked on or advised me on every car I have own since we have worked together. David has been a trusted advisor to our staff on new car purchases, what to fix, when to sell…etc.  That’s a rare and invaluable resource to find.

2. Mutual Respect: When David has a new idea or need he always comes to us first.  This includes bringing us into outside projects such as the Napa Auto Repair Centers that we built and maintain. We wouldn’t even consider buying a new car without getting David’s advice.  In fact, our team just bought 3 new cars last month and David helped us through the whole vetting process. Clients and vendors can’t second guess each other and maintain a long-term relationship.

3. Results: Let’s be honest – money talks.  The auto repair business is not the most sexy or advanced industry.  We use that to our advantage.  Finding a solid auto repair shop is no different than looking up a Thai restaurant on Yelp. In order to create great results for Convoy Auto Repair, we combine SEM/SEO and Social Media with great design and conversion-based incentives. The result is bang-for-buck performance that far exceeds any of the traditional advertising techniques that Convoy’s competitors use.  Convoy’s online efforts are more than 50% effective than all of his other conventional advertising methods combined.

Trust and mutual respect allow us to share the risks and rewards of our relationship. This gives us the confidence to continue to deliver high performing results and push the envelope on our strategies and technology.  Plus, we just like working with each other – you can’t really put a value on that.

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