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With our recent launch of TierraNatal, dt has experienced a high volume of interest and attention from various tech reviews, industry blogs, and news programs.

Check out some of the most recent (and notable) feedback we have received about TierraNatal:

Design wise it’s one of the better social networking sites I’ve seen in recent times. The usual array of social networking features (profiles, pics, blogs etc) are combined with some decent looking graphics and a functional layout that works well. – Duncan Riley, TechCrunch

From LatinoAIM Pages to MySpace Mexico, the larger brands are incorporating Hispanic communities into their overall service, though I think TierraNatal could be more useful for many. – Kristen Nicole, Mashable

Tierra Natal is an excellent example of how to capture the value of a real-life network. It allows Mexicans and Mexican-Americans (Chicanos, if you must) to connect not just via their current place of residence, but where they come from. – Alexis Madrigal, Consumer Conspicuous Blog

This could be a website that totally corners the Mexican and Mexican American market, because it is the first site that is truly dedicated to that market. It is also a good resource for people who wish to travel to Mexico and are looking for information about certain cities or looking to meet people in those cities. – Alan Jay, KillerStartups

There has been a great amount of conversation going on about TierraNatal and I just want to reiterate how important it is to keep the conversation going. We received 14 comments on the TechCrunch blog post so far – most of which expressed positive feedback on the site, functionality, and design. Every comment brought up very excellent points about differentiation and the authenticity behind TierraNatal. Liliana Townshend, TierraNatal founder, always commented back in an effort to support her case through her passion for the website and her personal familiarity about Mexico and its culture.

It’s important to keep the conversation going through comments and staying engaged with your audience. You would be surprised how much you learn and the suggestions you get. So remember to keep the conversation alive!

In addition, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Duncan Riley over at TechCrunch who wrote a fabulous review and provided a great deal of exposure for TierraNatal. It has already opened up a number of doors for TierraNatal – so THANK YOU Duncan!

Great job and big thanks to all who kept the conversation going – until the next review…