Much to the chagrin of our Director of Vitality, our office runs (at least partially) on a lovely hot (sometimes cold) caffeinated beverage. In the old days, we took morning walks and afternoon strolls to the neighborhood Starbucks to get our fix. Recently though, a potential new client remarked about our shoddy coffee setup and said he couldn’t do business with a creative shop that relied on an outside vendor for coffee. And that’s how our java equipment inferiority complex began.

Our company is obsessed with making things better, you see. Whether it’s our subdomain creation process, annual bonus program, or photoshop techniques – everything we encounter is fair game for a process we call “betterment”. The ever-evolving road to becoming better versions of ourselves is paved with mastering new crafts, so we set out to become informed masters of caffeine-related apparati. 

So long, Starbucks

Expanding our skillset was two-fold: increasing company morale by giving our employees every chance to make a convenient (and free) cup of joe, and to offer our clients and visitors an array of choices when it came to beverages. We have spent some time experimenting (and even more time taste testing), and we wholeheartedly encourage the following methods of brewology.

standarddripStandard Drip – The standard for communal coffee. We have two airpots that get filled every morning and are often drained by lunch time. For the record, we like our coffee strong with 60+ grams of beans per liter.

Espresso Machine – There’s nothing like the schwwwwwoo sound of the espresso machine to get the entire office excited. If you’re a master at making at the espresso shot and steaming milk… then please, make me a cup too!

French Press – Brew just the amount you need. 1, 2, or 3 cups of coffee for you and a friend to enjoy. The french press creates a nice aroma and great taste but doesn’t take a lot of work. This method is perfect for strategic planning.

Aeropress – The micro filter and total ground immersion make this arguably one of the best cuppa joe you can have while on-site at DT. Just be sure to wash the aeropress and return it to the right spot — our aeropressers are loyalists and get really anxious when they can’t find their equipment.

Pour Over – The ultimate in hipster coffee experiences. This 1-cup at a time coffee takes 3 minutes and a special filter to brew. Don’t forget to wet the filter first before filling the dripper with grounds and commencing with the pour-bloom-repeat process that yields this fine java. For extra credit, brew a pot of Standard Drip while working on  your personal caffeine fix.

Based on our new authority on the matter, our clear front-running favorite is the single cup pour over. So we felt it only right to offer an illustrated tutorial. Feel free to download and share our single cup pour over instructions with your friends.


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The bottom line: in making small strides to better your surroundings, you will positively impact camaraderie. We are thrilled to report that bringing the bulk of our coffee consumption in-house has resulted in productivity never being higher, the team being skinnier than ever, and that Starbucks…well they’re not doing so well without 30ish creatives coming in a couple times a day. Oh, and we got that client! Boom.

At your place of employment, is the coffee pot the new water cooler? What equipment is on your must-have list and what is your favorite method of bean mixology?