True to our core philosophy of betterment, we’ve been diligently working to make everything we do at DT better. Just recently, we rolled out our take at a better content slider for the web. And we’ve got even more exciting things in the works, one of which is making our blog better. So as we continue our journey of iteration and improvement, we’d love to hear what you have to say about making your experience on our blog better.

Some things we’re interested in hearing about:

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  • I’d say I look at your site once or twice a week just because it’s good work and aesthetically inspirational. I can’t say that I remember any of the blog posts I’ve read but I’ve read them all. I do remember each company you did a site for or some work for and what it looked like and can tell you them off the top of my head. My point is, does your blog actually have to be text or can it be why and what you decided to do for clients and how you implemented it? I could see the argument for not giving away the secret sauce but I don’t think there’s too many people that can do what you do or take that info and be competitive. It’s just more interesting to see things visually than to read any more. You guys do some great stuff I hope to work with you some day soon.

  • dtelepathy

    Thanks very much, Paul! Yes, we’ve been looking at getting much more creative with our blog/content layout. Designers like Paddy Donnelly (, who have really custom-designed blog posts are super-inspirational to us.

    As for what I’d personally like to see, first, I want more SlideDecks in our posts! (Call me biased ;). Second, I want more video content on here – such a fun group of passionate people cannot be done justice with the written word alone…