At DT, we take pride in creating unique themes for each of our meeting rooms. We choose the theme based on what inspires us, such as Mid-Century furniture or Thomas Edison’s workshop. We pin ideas for color, furnishings and style, but let’s be honest, great interior design is no easy feat. Once the decor is installed, something always seems to be missing; an element to tie the room together and go from a pleasant meeting room to a masterpiece.

So, we did what any self-respecting UX company would do, we made a pitcher of Caucasians, packed a bowling pin pipe with inspiration and cranked out a new app to solve the problem.

Introducing Tie It Together

Our data scientists (the same guys behind were able to develop a sophisticated, patent-pending algorithm that uses many data points from the room, such as dimensions, colors, shapes, textures and more, to generate the missing element to tie it together.

Here’s how it works.

Simply open the app, take a picture of the room in question. Now, hit the “Tie It Together” (TIT for short) button and voilà, the missing element of your room is perfectly suggested.

To make things even easier, Tie It Together will search our database of vendors and find the best price for the missing element to tie your room together.

Disclaimer: Our initial working model only generates a rug as a suggestion, but let’s be honest, it does tie the room together, does it not?

“Not on the rug…man.”

Identity confusion: Whether your last name is Smith or Lebowski, it could happen to you. Let’s say that someone with your last name owes money to known pornographers around town, and their cronies come to mistakenly collect from you. It’s a known fact that if you refuse payment, cronies are known to pee on your rug as an intimidation tactic.


Never fear, each rug ordered with Tie It Together is automatically covered with the 1-year Carpet Pisser Warranty. So rest assured, we’ve got your back.

Assets by Claude Piché.