Much of UX on the Web focuses on the experiences users have in their day-to-day interactions with your website or web application. Unfortunately this same thoughtful approach to UX is missing from the customer acquisition flow.

The UX/design budget for banners and landing pages is typically cut (if it existed at all in the first place), with the majority of the budget going instead toward ad spend. This practice is shortsighted and hurting your campaign performance.

Today, digital-telepathy is taking a stand. We’re launching Impress, a customer acquisition product focused on high-quality banners and landing page packages that drive real results without the big price tag.

First Impressions Matter

We all know that the vast majority of display ads go unclicked and unnoticed. ComScore reports that only 16% of display ads ever get clicked, and the term “banner blindness” was coined more than a decade ago. The main culprit? Lousy design. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know upfront how much design will improve campaign performance. This often results in a big ad spend budget with very little left for design. Which is a big mistake.

banner design matters in driving clickthrough rates

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Let’s look at a sample campaign to see how this plays out:

Scenario 1
You’re going to spend $10,000 advertising a new product. You want as much of your cash going to ads as possible, so you invest an extra $250 for some design for your banners and a landing page. Your product sells for $100 each. Your banners get a 0.2% clickthrough rate (CTR) and your landing page converts visitors to new customers at 0.4%.

Ad Spend: $10,000
Creative: $250
CPM: $3
Impressions: 3,333,333
CTR: 0.2%
Conversion rate: 0.4%
Purchases: 27
Revenue: $2,700
Net profit: ($7,550)

Scenario 2
Same as above, but this time we’re going to invest in our design by using an Impress campaign that uses thoughtful design to drive conversions. Let’s see what happens

Ad Spend: $10,000
Impress creative: $1,000
CPM: $3
Impressions: 3,333,333
CTR: 0.4%
Conversion rate: 1%
Purchases: 133
Revenue: $13,300
Net profit: $2,300

design matters in ROI

As you can see in this case having design that works swings the campaign from a major loser to a winning, profitable campaign. All for $750 extra dollars, and some thoughtful design work up front. And while this is a hypothetical example, we’ve seen these same types of gains for companies using Impress.

ReTargeter used Impress to overhaul their banner creative. After diligently optimizing their banners, they were left with only incremental gains. Using the same methodology that comes with Impress, we created a powerful first impression, and tested the new designs against their existing creative.

better banner design drives more clicks

The results? The Impress design out-performed the old, driving 3x higher clickthroughs.

From Banner to Landing Page

Once you get the coveted click, you have to deliver with the landing page. The design must be clear, consistent and intuitive in order to turn those clicks into conversions. Which is why most Impress packages include both banner and landing page designs. Instead of stopping with the design of the ad unit, Impress treats the ad unit and landing page as a symbiotic entity, where each one relies on the other for success.

Impress landing pages focus on the quality of the user experience to ensure that your visitors convert, rather than bounce. With thoughtful copy, design, user flows and calls to action, Impress maximizes the opportunity for each person that makes it to the landing page.

Impress creates high quality landing pages

Make the First Impression Matter with Impress

With Impress you get high-quality banner and landing page designs that are thoughtfully created to help you get more for your online marketing investment. Starting at just $999 you can choose from one of three packages designed to drive your return on investment.

Each package includes:

Good First Impressions are Designed

Businesses need to invest more of their customer acquisition budget into design. Our job as designers to ensure that message is heard loud and clear. We hope that Impress will provide design-driven results that are easy and affordable for any business to achieve. If you want better results out of your customer acquisition campaigns, check out Impress. As they say, you only get one shot at your first impression, it’s imperative you make it one that matters.

We recently discussed a similar topic to this on UXMagazine. Feel free to check it out for a further look into making good first impressions.