Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just do slider plugins – in fact, we’ve been planning a whole suite of awesome plugins that improve the Web and put the ability to create well-designed user experiences in the hands of everyone.

With this in mind, we’d like you to extend a warm welcome our newest addition to the dt Labs family, Flare.

A snapshot from the “Share” functionality of Flare

What is it?

Flare is a WordPress plugin designed to

  1. increase the sharing of your content across social networks, and
  2. build a community of supporters who follow your brand and content.

If you noticed that we’ve spruced up our sharing buttons here on this very blog, then you’ve already seen Flare in action. If not, scroll down a bit and glance to the left – it’s ok, we’ll wait…

…yep, that’s Flare right there. We also installed it on the SlideDeck Blog (which you should totally check out and subscribe to). And guess what… it’s free! You should go download Flare from the WordPress Plugin Repository right now.

Why we made it

Blog design is becoming increasingly cluttered, with a plethora of differently-styled social sharing buttons commonly being deployed around the web. Getting these buttons to look consistent & fit in with the design of your site is exceedingly tricky, if not impossible, since the platforms that release them control how they look.

Uncluttered blog design is key to enabling your readers to focus on your content, but sharing is essential to the growth of your blog & distribution of your content. Bloggers have been unintentionally put in an impossible position trying to balance these two competing yet critical needs.

It ain't easy being a design-conscious blogger these days

Flare addresses this problem with a beautiful, configurable front-end design, and an easy-to-use backend. In addition, we reduce the friction for your visitors by making it easy to follow you on each platform right after a share has taken place – this way, you’re not only increasing the reach of your content, you’re building your audience at the same time

In time, we’re seeking to improve Flare’s functionality with sweet analytics that’ll show you (at a glance), which of your posts are proving most popular with your readers, arming you with the insights you need to find and grow your audience, and tune your content for maximum reach. Of course, if there are other things you’d like us to consider, you know we’re all ears.

Have you used Flare yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!