Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just do slider plugins – in fact, we’ve been planning a whole suite of awesome plugins that improve the Web and put the ability to create well-designed user experiences in the hands of everyone.

With this in mind, we’d like you to extend a warm welcome our newest addition to the dt Labs family, Flare.

A snapshot from the “Share” functionality of Flare

What is it?

Flare is a WordPress plugin designed to

  1. increase the sharing of your content across social networks, and
  2. build a community of supporters who follow your brand and content.

If you noticed that we’ve spruced up our sharing buttons here on this very blog, then you’ve already seen Flare in action. If not, scroll down a bit and glance to the left – it’s ok, we’ll wait…

…yep, that’s Flare right there. We also installed it on the SlideDeck Blog (which you should totally check out and subscribe to). And guess what… it’s free! You should go download Flare from the WordPress Plugin Repository right now.

Why we made it

Blog design is becoming increasingly cluttered, with a plethora of differently-styled social sharing buttons commonly being deployed around the web. Getting these buttons to look consistent & fit in with the design of your site is exceedingly tricky, if not impossible, since the platforms that release them control how they look.

Uncluttered blog design is key to enabling your readers to focus on your content, but sharing is essential to the growth of your blog & distribution of your content. Bloggers have been unintentionally put in an impossible position trying to balance these two competing yet critical needs.

It ain't easy being a design-conscious blogger these days

Flare addresses this problem with a beautiful, configurable front-end design, and an easy-to-use backend. In addition, we reduce the friction for your visitors by making it easy to follow you on each platform right after a share has taken place – this way, you’re not only increasing the reach of your content, you’re building your audience at the same time

In time, we’re seeking to improve Flare’s functionality with sweet analytics that’ll show you (at a glance), which of your posts are proving most popular with your readers, arming you with the insights you need to find and grow your audience, and tune your content for maximum reach. Of course, if there are other things you’d like us to consider, you know we’re all ears.

Have you used Flare yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

  • Any plugin that attempts to promote “uncluttered blog design” is a good thing, in my book. I will be installing this on at least one of my WordPress sites to see how it works. Looks great!

  • I love flare, its so modern and clean and looks great on my website! But the Pinterest counter on the floating bar stays at 0 even when it has been pinned. Also the top bar number count is too hard to see especially in internet explorer.

    • Thanks for reporting those bugs Jamie. We are aware of them both and plan to resolve them this week. We also noticed that StumbleUpon is a bit buggy as well.

  • Would be nice if could support LinkedIn and email…

    • Linkedin and email is a great call. We’ll add that to the list to scope out.

  • Sweet plugin, guys! I’m wondering what your opinion is on the use of AddThis. I ask because it’s extremely easy to add your own custom icons via their API. Plus it has the advantage of letting users share to over a hundred different social networks, which are hidden unless you hover over the big + icon. When I use it, I’ll typically display two or three main social networks and then the AddThis icon in case users want more. (I’m talking about the manual use of AddThis, not their plugin)

  • Hi,
    I love this! It’s so clean looking–and for my site design, that’s important. I also love the position options and the floating bar. That’s the best! The option to add more than one bar is important too when your site is responsive. Mine loses the floating bar in the smart-phone size, but the bottom bar stays intact. Sweet!
    I was wondering if there’s a way to turn off the counters? My site is brand new, and I’d love to bring out the numbers only when there ARE numbers 😉 Any thing I can do?
    Thank you so much!

    • Jessica Moon

      Hi Linda! We’re glad to hear that you love Flare 🙂

      To answer your question on the counter, we just pushed out an update that includes an option to turn off this feature off in case you didn’t want to show off your social Flare just yet~ enjoy!

      • Thank you for your reply Jessica! I feel like I won a prize! The update is GREAT! After checking out so many other social plugins and bars, this additional feature cinches it for me-I am completely convinced that your’s is the BEST! It’s clean, beautiful, expandable, it takes a responsive theme’s needs into account, and now it even let’s ME decide when to show my “social flare”off (numbers.) It’s everything I need! You’ve got a loyal fan here, and I’ll spread the word as best as I can. If you have a snippet of code for your site/plugin that I can place on my site, send it to me and I’ll be very happy to share the news that way. Again, thank you so very much for the “flare score” option!

        • Jessica Moon

          Thanks Linda, your reply made our day 🙂 No snippet for sharing but spreading the news is always appreciated! Happy socializing!

  • Hi, thanks for the update, what a difference it’s so much better! There is one niggle though! Is there anyway you can get the counter to load quicker? On my website it takes about 5 seconds or more.

  • hi, i just saw your plugin and wanted to use it on my site as it is awesome and gorgeous. but after installing and configuring i visited my posts but nothing happened even it is not showing in posts are 🙁 …. This is really nice plugin and i want to use use it please help.

  • Love it (like all the stuff you guys do).

    One word though. iPad?

    A partly showing vertical nav bar isn’t great and is just like all the other ones I’ve tried.


    • Jason Amunwa

      Thanks Mark! Yep, we saw that too – on it! =)

  • Jamie

    I really like the plugin, but I wondered how I could alter the code so that the ‘share’ icons show at the bottom left of a post rather than the bottom right. I thought this should be a simple operation, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Your help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks, glad you like it! This isn’t an out-of-the-box feature, but you could likely use some custom CSS to override the default styling and get the result you’re looking for.

  • Love it, love it, love it. But…. I had to turn it off again. It will show on the Home page and post pages, but not on the other pages. I would love to have that as an option on the edit post/pages: to be able to turn it off on a specific post/page.

    Also, it does not show the right counter numbers e.g. for LinkedIn. For example it shows 0 below the icon but when you hover over the icon it shows 4.

    But like I said, I love the design, how clean, clear and simple it is. So please keep updating and fixing this plugin. And I can turn it on any time if you would like to see what I am talking about.

  • This is a beautiful plugin and I would love to use it, but there are a number of weird bugs that would love if you can fix.
    First, the floating bar on this site shows the problem with google+. when you hover on it nothing shows up in the pop out.
    Second, the plugin always inserts a at the top of every post (sometime blank), even when you did not select a bar at the top. Worst, it places the div after any thumbnails creating a formatting problem with thumbnails that are overlapping text.
    Third, when you request that it place onto pages, if you select bottom, it sometimes add to the top of the page. Weird behavior.
    More precise placement would be helpful. Maybe by using a short code instead of the current approach?

    • Dave Shepard

      Hey Bill, a lot of these may have to do with the layout of your theme and possibly even plugin conflicts. Google+ uses some on-page JavaScript to output its widget, if there’s a JavaScript error somewhere on your site it may prevent this from showing up.

      The element at the top of the post is always there to measure when the floating side Flare block should start showing. Its a reliable place for us to determine if the user has scrolled past where the top horizontal block would be. If its showing up and messing with your thumbnails, I recommend that you adjust its CSS in your theme’s style.css file to make sure it has less of a presence. There may be some general styles in your website’s theme that are applying to this element and making it have greater presence than it is supposed to.

      For pages, this could vary with your theme’s template. It will be outputting all the content in the same places where it would output on a post. The DIV to base measurements for the side visibility will be output at the top of your page’s content where the_content() function exists in your template. The bottom share buttons will appear at the end of the page’s content and the side display will be output in the footer. A shortcode isn’t really a reliable way of outputting the Flare plugin unfortunately as there are a few different pieces that must exist in a couple different locations and they all must be in place for it to work.

      All this being said, we’ve got some great ideas moving forward to improve Flare and some bug fixes that will be coming down the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled for the updates!

      • Believe it or not, but that empty element at the top does mess up one of my style elements on a page/post. I have a css style applied to p:first-child:first-letter, which turns the first letter on a page to a drop cap. With the empty div inserted, this in effect means that no first letter is detected and thus no drop cap is shown.

        But I do love the feature that the floating bar gets shown when the reader starts scrolling down 🙂

  • Ron

    I’ve spent 2 days looking at social sharing solutions. Most of the plugins out there function okay, but I felt that they had 1 or 2 key missing elements. Mainly, I didn’t like how a lot of them looked. I was lucky to come across this plugin. It’s pretty damn nice. I just installed it and I haven’t fully explored it, but these are 3 things I really like:

    1. The first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the menu bar fades into existence as you pass #entry-content. This is smart design. I was annoyed at how many other plugins had the big ol bar appear right from the get-go or they had their bars intrude beyond the content area. It makes the site look crowded right from the start.

    2. The fact that this has a “close” button is remarkable. I’ve looked through 15+ bars and none of them offered this (though one did have a expand/collapse tab effect).

    3. The backend UI is great. I downloaded one plugin which was okay in the front and dog poo in the back. The plugin config screen forced me to scroll right about 500px and it had a gigantic ad for this email listing. Your backend UI on the otherhand, is extremely nice. I almost feel like you guys may have spent too much time it – it’s like polishing the engine under the hood, y’know?

    I’ll be sure to voice any complaints as I get to know this plugin better. For now, I think I’ve found “the one.”


    • dtelepathy

      Hi Ron – glad we had you at “hello” 😉

      We’re looking at ways to improve upon Flare, as it’s proving pretty popular. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements on it!

  • Looks great, amazing UX on the backend!

    One question,
    it seems that there is a linkedin option on the ‘share settings’ page, and not on the ‘follow settings’ page, tho you can’t follow it seems this is something I add to the top of many sites. Is this something that could be added? Did I miss something?

    All in all, amazing plugin, great for beginners and awesome flexibility for dev, and css alterations.

  • Hey Jason, after spending ‘days’ going through every different social sharing plugin out there and literally when I was just about to give up, I found Flare. Honestly I agree with a lot of the comments, it is one very sweet social sharing plugin, and has become a definate keeper on our site.

    I did have a couple questions as well.
    1) Would it be possible to add “Buffer” sharing button as one of the flares? The code is right up there on their website and it quite often gets a lot of sharing activity.
    2) I noticed that Flare shares the full url, which is a little bit of a hinderence for our traffic. Would it be possible to add ‘’ integration?

    The most important for us is, with buffer being a nice feature.

    Keep up the great work, I’m very much loving some of the UX ideas ya’ll have made so far!

    • Jason Amunwa

      Hey Keidrych, these are awesome ideas!

      We’re actually big fans of using Buffer for our Twitter feed too (since’ unexpected passing *sniff*), so there could definitely be some overlap there. I love this idea, because Buffer automatically tweets at the time of a users’ highest engagement, which is right in alignment with what Flare is designed to do – maximize the distribution of your content. Nice one, I’ll ping the Flare team about this!

      We could look at partnering with a URL shortening service, although many services have their own built-in shorteners (especially Twitter), so what’re you thinking is the benefit here?

    • Hi Jason, thanks for getting back, there are a few advantages to using a url shortenning service over those provided by the social networks and while I don’t know if these benefits are shared by the others, its my understanding that maintains the leader of the pack for the following reasons
      1) SEO, google actually expands all links to their full addresses counting them as proper backlinks, which is a major win for sharing anything on facebook and twitter especially when the number of tweets for a page is factored into seo rankings these days.
      2) Post length, if you really want your post to go viral, then ~140 characters is where it needs to be no matter which network you are on.
      3) Metrics, while everyone should have google analytics installed on their site, it can be very useful to jump on and drill down in a fast snapshot way where your traffic is coming from on social networks by tracking the one time generated link for each page/post {all future links to that page / post use the same for the account owner}
      4) Re-tweeting, links from the research i’ve been doing get more re-tweets than any others, its a matter of trust. People recognise the address and assume the site has a professional image, this goes the same for links getting clicked.
      5) Simplicity, depending on the title of the post, and the length of the actual website name + url length + twitter handle. It can quite easily become an issue when using Flare’s tweet button and suddenly discovering you tweet before you wrote anything is already at or near the limit. When this happens to me the vast majority of the time I walk away without tweeting unless I really ‘really’ loved the article. Its just a level of frustration and annoyance that when avoided makes the user experience a real pleasure.

      Yes there are other awesome url shorteners out there but the re-tweeting and measure of trust as a general public concensus is what really sold us on this particular service. Integrating with Flare would honstly be a dream come true and propell you further leading the pack of share bars out there 🙂

  • This plugin is beautiful and works pretty seamlessly right out of the box! I’m wondering if the developers can offer any insight into placing the “top post” flare a bit differently. I’d like to have it sit above the featured image in my single posts –for aesthetics and to eradicate the Flare text that is getting thrown into the post excerpts. If I could custom place this to go not just above the content but also above that featured image, I believe both issues would be fixed.

    Another great feature of this plugin is the sidebar doesn’t float over to the middle of the page in Internet Explorer. That’s been a problem for me with other social plugins.

    Well done, I look forward to more plugins and updates from the Flare creators.

    • I second this. All of my posts are featured images and the social share bar doesn’t show up until the comments section.

      • Jamie Hamel-Smith

        The plugin outputs its code when the WordPress function for “the_content()” is called. So perhaps you could place this above your featured image instead? I’m assuming that you’re using some sort of custom theme?

  • I love flare and have been using it for a while. just updated to the latest update but I seem to have problems with the pinterest count on some blogs. The counter below the Pinterest icon will show zero but when I scroll the mouse over it the actual count will appear. For example the page below shows the count as zero but when you put the mouse over icon it shows 86.

  • I hope I could use Flare for my Blogger blog, too =)

  • This plugin is bueatiful! I have been looking for a plugin that will show the combined social shares and here you are. However, the last button on the share at the top of the post has the sharing portion chopped off when it flies up. The top of this post you can see it here, but mine is much more. I had to add a button I wouldn’t normally, just so that button I want to function does.
    my site:

    Do you think this will be fixed any time soon?

    • Jason Amunwa

      Thank you, nerdynurse! Since this plugin is at the Beta stage, our developers are reviewing the issues over here – Let them know about this issue, and they’ll take a look!

  • Great plugin. I was wondering how you can customise this to work how Neil Patel has it on QuickSprout. For example, this page

    It doesn’t appear possible just from the menus in wordpress.

    • Jason Amunwa

      Thanks Dave! Neil’s implementation is pretty straightforward – you can edit the appearance of the ‘sticky’ Flare sidebar, using the “Share” menu in the Flare settings menu.

  • Thank you for this plugin, it looks really nice on my blog.
    I have seen this also in other blogs, where in the Total Count they have replaced the word “Flares” from “Shares”. How is it possible to achieve this? I’ve browsed the php and css files without success…
    I do coaching and training for lots of beginners, and some people has asked me “what was a flare” 🙂

  • LeBaux

    Hi there! If I can ask – are there any plans to implement flattr and/or paypal? 🙂 If not, is is hard to do it myself?

    In any case, how I can I support you in terms of small donation, or some action?
    Thanks from reply,
    LeBaux, Czech republic

  • Beautiful plugin! I couldn’t get the top/bottom share to show in a horizontal position, for some reason they only show vertical at the top or bottom of my posts, which takes up way too much room.

    Also, what are the chances of you adding LinkedIn to the Follow widget (and maybe a few others like Instagram)?

  • Hi there! This is definitely a great plugin.
    My only question is regarding the control panel… Unfortunately it doesn’t work at all for me. As soon as I make changes and click ‘save’ it tells me that everything was updated succesfully, but it goes back to the default setup.

    Is there any way that I can solve this? I’m really in need of a nice sharing solution as this and would appreciate if you could help me out… 🙂

    I looked for the FAQ on the WordPress Plugin page and there’s a colleague that posted this issue twice, but never had an answer as well… :/

  • Hi there, really like the plugin. I was wondering if there was any way to increase the size of the icons that appear at the bottom of the page to a size that is inbetween that of the ones that appear on the left and the currently small version that appears at the bottom of the page? Looks classy

    • If anyone knows how to increase the size of the icons above or below the post?

      Meanwhile, I was looking at the code in the page and I only have flares activated at the bottom of the page but there seems to be code for side bar and top flares in the source code of the page even though they are not showing up!!? Please tell me you are not inserting code in the page and then just not displaying it as a way to activate sidebar, top and bottom flares. That would be bad in so many ways, first of which would be speed of the page loading that helps with Google ranking…

    • Hey i am also looking to increase its size like , i really like this plugin but that size, if any one can increase its size so please tell me! — my site!

  • Rhonda

    I love the look of Flare and how easy it is to set up. However, the Facebook share button has not been sharing to my page. Also, it would be nice to have a box pop up where you can type a message in before the post shares to your Facebook newsfeed.

    Another bug- the share counts aren’t showing up properly (you have to hover over the button for the correct count to show in the little pop-up thing).

  • Great plugin! I’d like to know how you got the sticky ad on your right sidebar. there seems to be no setting for that in the Flare plugin.

  • First of all I think this is a fantastic social plugin. It looks great and seems to be displaying fine on my site. The only thing is, it is positioned a little off. I am using the vertical floating left of the post, and it is showing up right in between my left sidebar and the actual post. I would like for it to be just to the left of the main container of my site (just left of the left sidebar). Can you point in the direction of making this position change please? Keep up the great work!

    • Kevin, I am having the exact same problem. Another problem I am having is that the Flare buttons aren’t showing the number of shares that I used to see when we were using Sexy Bookmarks. Can we get some customer support for this plugin?

  • Hi guys. great plugin. as a total technological layman i would just like to know how i can remove the text that is attached to the buttuns (i.e. “facebook” “twitter”). i would like to have the clean look of the buttons found right here.
    second – is there an option to allow visitors to share on Facebook and not onli like?

    thanks in adavance


  • Is there a way the Flare Follow buttons can open in new tabs instead of on the page itself??

  • Ryan

    Is there a way to have the code be inserted somewhere other than right after ” ?


  • Kunal

    It is a beautiful plugin. Is there a way to share content on facebook like the plug-in does for twitter and google+

  • jamie

    I’ve just updated to 1.2.3. I don’t want the Filament icon appearing is there any way to disable it?

    • Hi, if u update to 1.2.4 version u can delete filament icon 🙂

  • I’ve just un installed your plugin, creating a promotional link to your site that cannot be removed and not even warning or requesting permission to do so is unacceptable! Also adding this in a simple update without warning about it, to the find it all over the site pages was an unpleasant surprise to say the least…!

  • Hey there… love the plugin, but wondering if there is a way to remove the site title from the default tweet format? I noticed that it does not automatically insert it on THIS page when you click the tweet button for this post, but I’m using it on a few client sites and they have all asked how to remove. Also, wanted to echo what others have said about integration.

  • Great plug-in! It would be cool to be able to list your “most popular posts” by flare count. Right now, comment count is the only way that I know of how to do this…

  • Kieran

    Fantastic looking plugin – please make a version that works with Drupal! The Drupal community would go mad for it.

  • I love the clean look of this sharing plugin. That said, I agree with some of the other comments on here. Follow should include LinkedIn support. Also, it would be great if you could turn off the sharebar features on certain pages like.

  • An option to hide sidebar in responsive mode is a must as it tends to overlap post

  • Really a very nice and clean plugin. I earlier used Digg Digg but it broke my design when WP 3.6 was released. So I deactivated it and searched no further. But now I came to know about flare. Thanks for the lovely plugin.

  • stephan

    hi, do you have a script for php not wordpress ?

  • Hi Jason, is this flare plugin also available for Blogger?

  • Sweet plugin, guys! I’m wondering what your opinion is on the use of AddThis. I ask because it’s extremely easy to add your own custom icons via their API. Plus it has the advantage of letting users share to over a hundred different social networks, which are hidden unless you hover over the big + icon. When I use it, I’ll typically display two or three main social networks and then the AddThis icon in case users want more. (I’m talking about the manual use of AddThis, not their plugin)

  • Hey there – I LOVE Flare, clean design, looks fabulous … we are even going to start using it on my blog at work. However lately I have been having some trouble with the plugin on my personal blog. Left sidebar is not showing up, upon hovering the social sharing functions are white boxes, and no counts have been tallied. Does anyone have any insight on this problem? Could it be my theme (Contango)? Thanks for the help!

  • Hi Jason or Chuck.

    I love this plugin, Flare is really simple and beautiful. But, I have some issues / questions about this plugin..
    1. Please take a look at this page: the share button is stacked, so it’s not visible and people can’t use this button to share my content.
    2. How to change word “FLARES” ?
    3. Why all my content just shown 0 flares? In fact, I have some people shared my contents and it’s appeared in my previous share plugin. When I install flare, my share is all zero..

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  • Jason, LOVE the plugin, and got it working pretty nicely on one of my sites; was wondering if you could help us with one issue we are having as we have integrated one more counter: BizSugar. I was able to add it ono the bar, and the sharing and counter both work, but the specific count for that platform does not get added to the overall sum. I’d appreciate your help on this, thanks! (check any of the blog posts: and you’ll see what I mean, thank you!)

  • I love the look of Flare and installed the free version on my site. I set it up to float left with a round button & light background. I checked the boxes for “Show Social Share Score Counters” and for “Show Total Flare Count” and “Hide Flare Count if under 5”. I set it up to show only on Posts. That’s it. No special code or adjustments. My WP theme is Woo Canvas.

    The vertical bar shows up as do the icons. The Total Flare Count doesn’t show at all. The individual Flare Counts show only if one hovers over the icon; they do not appear below each icon. Did I miss something in my set-up? Are these features perhaps not available in the free version? I am not a techy and don’t yet have a tech support budget, so am hoping that perhaps there is a straightforward answer that someone at dTelephathy can provide without too much trouble. It doesn’t appear that the author is responding to comments on this particular post anymore, but I didn’t see any other contact form on the website. Thanks for any possible assistance; much appreciated. I like this product so much that I hope I can purchase it in the future and also purchase other products from your company.

  • I really like the flare plugin, however it doesn’t work well on my blog. The above content flare doesn’t show any option to share content when you put your mouse on the sharing icons. You can see that problem on this article for exampe :

    Do you have a solution?

    The blog is running on genesis framework using fabric theme.


  • I love this social media plug in! It is the best I have found. I have one questions for you, is there any way to get the Facebook to share as opposed to just like? The nature of my blog is well suited to using the share feature.

  • Chloe

    This is a great plugin. Is it possible to migrate existing social sharing numbers from another plugin to Flare so we don’t go back down to “0” and lose all the hard-work we’ve put in to get our content read and shared?

    • Jason Amunwa

      Hi Chloe – thanks! =) We actually pull the sharing numbers from the services themselves, so Flare should automatically pull in the correct counts.

  • How can i add flare to non wordpress websites?

  • Hi, I loved flare because of its simple, clean and beautiful design. I’m using it on my site, is there a way to show the share buttons where we want?

  • Hi Jason,

    First of thank you for the great plugin. Works better then the rest! 🙂 thumbs up!
    On little issue I can’t resolve. I want to send a image when people share on LinkedIn. Now I have add this line of code in the header for it.

    But it doesn’t seem to get the image with the share? Hope you can help me out.

    Cheers, Leroy

  • Hi,
    I am new with flare but I think there is an error with google plus count… Flare shows me zero results but with different tools (e.g. I get other results for my post. Whats going wrong? I miss something? Only works with premium?
    Regards, Daniel

    • Hi Daniel, we’d love to help you out with this. Please go ahead and submit a support ticket from within the FIlament application and we’ll get back to you shortly.

      • Hi Dave,
        a support Ticket is possible as pro user. I try to contact over the top menu -” Questions about upgrading” – Category “other”. Hopefully….
        Thanks for your fast answer at this post!

  • Karen Presley Dawkins

    Hi there. Flare is no longer working on my site. I can see the flares when I hover over a social media button, but the count says zero. I checked my settings so I know it’s not something there. Please help. Thanks.