WordPress Updates

RSS from Any Source with Smart SlideDecks We built the Smart SlideDeck above in 5 seconds. The content will dynamically change as the feed updates. You can specify the theme, navigation style, # of posts displayed and more. You can also set logic on the posts displayed based on recent, popular or featured content.

TechCrunch RSS Smart SlideDeck Example

[SlideDeck id=’20’ width=’100%’ height=’300px’]

Support For Vertical Slides Allow users to dive deeper into your content by branching intro vertical slides. Think of your horizontal slides as your main SlideDeck story line with each slide considered as a chapter. Vertical slides allow you to create optional subchapters that allow users to go deeper into the subject matter of each horizontal slide. See the example below.

Skin Support Update your SlideDeck design on the fly with the new Skin Library. The current skins were designed by our “Skin It To Win It” contest winners. You can also easily create your own custom skin by modifying a .CSS file.

[SlideDeck id=’21’ width=’100%’ height=’300px’]

Other WordPress Updates

jQuery Updates

Our flagship product is more stable than even and includes tons of little internal code optimizations, improvements and bug fixes. In addition there is a new and improved skin loading methods and upgraded JavaScript core plugin to 1.1.6 to improve cross-browser compatibility.