Your website is awesome, you know it, but what’s the point if no one else does?

Well, breathe easy friends, the Simple Social Bar is here to save the day…and your website.

Spawned from the idea of the popular Share Bar plugin, the team at dt wants to help you increase Tweets, Likes, Stumbles, and more with our newest creation – the Simple Social Bar.

Designed to be easy to implement and customize, the Simple Social Bar Wordpess plugin is based on completely new and easier to understand code that makes community participation and personal customization a piece of cake. No need for additional database tables, instead private custom post types are used for social link buttons.

Simple Share Bar

You also have better control over where the bar will appear. Install the plugin and watch the Simple Social Bar seamlessly fade in as your readers scroll down through your  content. All the necessary share options are easily available throughout your post in an effort to increase the likelihood that your content gets shared.

Simple Share Bar

Simple Share Bar

Top it all off with a simpler administrative interface that uses drag and drop capabilities and you have a great tool that makes sharing all the content on your site a breeze.

The Simple Social Bar works in IE7+, FireFox 2, Chrome 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+ and is free to use.

Download The Simple Social Bar Here: Simple Social Bar