A few years ago, we made a huge decision to ditch the traditional agency way of providing services, because scope docs and change orders slowed everything down and tends to make huge assumptions about project direction without knowing all the facts. We instead created a flexible subscription model, and while it’s been an awesome fit for our clients, and a huge success for us, we’ve learned that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Why the sudden change?

A few years ago, we reshaped the agency industry by introducing a design subscription model. We did this, not only because we wanted to cut out the typical agency paperwork that you hate reading (and we hate writing), but also because we wanted collaborative partnerships with our clients instead of vendor relationships.


While this change brought a lot of value to our clients and freed us to work much more quickly and more flexibly, we realized that a subscription model isn’t a silver bullet for every situation. We talked to a bunch of innovative, fast-moving companies we’d love to work with, but for whatever reason a subscription model didn’t work for their needs. While we knew that we could help, it didn’t make sense to try and make things fit into a single engagement model.


So we’re evolving our model again

Today, we’re announcing two brand-new services, both designed to give you more flexibility in how you work with us, as well as greater accessibility to impactful UX insights that can change the growth trajectory of your organization.

By cutting out the requirement for a subscription and making our offerings more accessible, we realized we could positively impact more businesses, and pursue our
noble cause of elevating life’s experiences.


Ready to see what we have for you? Let’s dig in!

Compass: A User Experience Auditing Service

Sometimes, when your key metrics aren’t doing so hot it can be hard to know what to focus on, and you can feel a little lost in the woods.

Compass is a full UX audit of your business, conducted by our senior strategists and designers. Within 2 weeks of kicking off a Compass project with us, you’ll receive clear recommendations to get you back on track – without killing your own team’s momentum.


When is Compass helpful?

Compass is helpful when you’re experiencing a problem but are unsure of what may be causing it. Specifically, Compass helps you identify reasons for some of the following issues:

How does Compass Help?

In a word, focus. When your metrics aren’t doing so hot, the temptation can be strong to take the shotgun approach and simply redesign everything, but when you’re a small team, you can get spread thin really fast with that approach (we’ve made that mistake ourselves in the past with our own products).

In short, Compass helps you:


Learn more about Compass


While a Compass helps point you in the right direction, a Sprint will take you there fast…

Design Sprints: Rapidly Validate New Products & Features

We all have that one important new product or feature that just doesn’t get enough love, or requires too many people involved to get momentum behind it. It kind of languishes, even though you’d love to kick-start it in a big way.

Design Sprints are intensive design-thinking workshops that guide your team from initial concepts to a user-validated prototype in just 5 days. These workshops are facilitated by seasoned UX experts from our team. Prepare for your most productive week ever!

You may recognize this process from our friends at Google Ventures, and we hope you do! Our process is inspired by our collaborations with their team as well as by their
Sprint book. We wanted to leverage their tactics and combine them with our UX, design, and product experience, creating one hell of an impactful service.


When are Design Sprints helpful?

Any time you need to kickstart an important initiative that impacts multiple parts of your organization, a Sprint is likely a good fit. Some examples include:


How do Design Sprints help?

In a word, speed. In addition to having an excuse… er… opportunity to come to our kickass HQ in gorgeous San Diego, and being loaded up with all the free coffee and snacks you can handle, our Sprints team will guide your stakeholders through processes that could otherwise take months, risking time and money. If you’re not the traveling type, we can also have our team come to you. (Less tacos, but same productivity!)

In short, Design Sprints help you:


Learn more about Sprints

So now what?

Now we want you to CYOA! After all, we built this for you. <3

What sounds like a fit for your needs, Compass or Sprints? If you’re still not sure, we’d love to help you figure it out, just drop us a line.

I hope you’re as excited for this as we are, we can’t wait to hear your feedback!