“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Peter Drucker wasn’t speaking about Web analytics, but he might as well have been. Web analytics are critical to the success of any online business; without them you’re literally flying blind. If you’re not using these tools you could be missing out on important insights on how to improve your business. We’ve compiled 13 must have tools for professionals serious about measuring and managing their online presence. There is no other form of marketing and commerce more readily measurable than the Web, so let’s get our math geek on and start digging into some actionable analytics.

Google Analytics

The leading, totally free, Web analytics software gives you an in-depth look at your site, top to bottom.

Stand-out Features

KISS Metrics

Providing detailed funnel analysis to help you truly understand what drives conversions.

Stand-out Features

KISS Insights

Another powerful product from KISS Metrics, Insights gives you the ability to collect qualitative data from your site visitors quickly and easily.

Stand-out Features


Powerful heat maps that let you see what’s resonating with visitors.

Stand-out Features

Recorded videos of user sessions on your site gives you real insight to your site’s usability, and identify areas of friction for your visitors.

Stand-out Features

Survey Monkey
Personally, I think Survey Monkey is the best surveying platform on the Internet. It lets you easily get feedback from your customers, email subscribers or social audiences.

Stand-out Features

Easy-to-install A/B testing to help you test and optimize your site.

Stand-out Features

Instantly lets you know when your site goes down, saving you crucial downtime – and lost revenue.

Stand-out Features


Real time analytics dashboard for your website.

Stand-out Features


Easy-to-use polls and surveys from the team that made WordPress.

Stand-out Features

Google Website Optimizer

Google’s robust A/B testing platform – allows you to test different page variations against each other, and tells you which converts better, based on goals you set.

Stand-out Features


The real-time dashboard that measures the business analytics you care about.

Stand-out Features

Another survey tool, albeit much more tightly focused than the other options
Stand-out Features
  • Tightly integrated with the Customer Development philosophy. Apply the scientific method to get focused, actionable insights into what your current customers like, and how to attract more of them
  • Awesome wordcloud function allows you to investigate key words that occur frequently in qualitative responses

Level Up Your Analytics

There you have it, 13 powerful tools to help you better understand your website. Give them a spin and see if they can provide you with a new view into your business. It’s 2012, there’s really no excuse for not tracking and understanding the data that drives your business. It’s time to level up your analytics game and take your business to the next level. So get some fresh data and some fresh takes on what really works and doesn’t work on your site. You may find new revenue isn’t too far behind.

Have a favorite tool that isn’t listed here? Did you find success with one of the tools above? Let us know in the comments and we might give it a spin ourselves.

  • Article title says “14 must-have tools”. Conclusion says “there you have it, 13 powerful tools”. I think the tool you missed was ours, http://www.nextanalytics.com.

    • Jason Amunwa

      Thanks Ward! We don’t typically use Excel plugins for our work. Perhaps you have some tips as to why it might be a better approach?

  • no log based analytics packages? they’re a great way to monitor site errors that are missed by javascript & external tools, with the added benefit of not putting any additional load on your user. our preference is awstats.

    • Jason Amunwa

      Cool, thanks for the tip, Matt!

  • Taha A

    Well if talking about insight my cheap and much advanced experience goes with https://webheats.com $10 for 20 heatmaps and 20k impressions.

    • dtelepathy

      Thanks for the suggestion, Taha!

  • Felix

    And one more tool for “why so serious” web analytics 🙂