Ever wondered how people get into the design industry — and then keep thriving? The secrets begin with hard work, creativity, and betterment, and continue with seasoned advice.

Today we’re eager to introduce you to our 100% free ebook that will equip you for the UX industry. After lots of work, we’re ready to unleash our ebook on the UX world:

How to Get (& Stay) Hired: Your Guide to Your UX Career.

Our free ebook combines the wisdom from our best practices for interviews with the insights from our panel with UXSD, where a group of industry experts talked to college students about joining the UX field.

Each page is crafted to make a meaningful impact on your career search or progress in your current position (plus the snazzy title pages are there to inspire you). As you read through each of the three parts, you’ll gain deeper knowledge of what you can do to make your career happen — and make it extra awesome along the way.

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More About the Ebook

Here’s how we structured the ebook:

Part 1: Where’s Your Ideal Workplace?

Part 2: How Do I Get the Job?

Part 3: What’s the Secret to Success?

Within each part, you get fresh insights, ideas, and tips from industry leaders who work at Digital Telepathy, Qualcomm, Aquent, VITRO  — and we got great advice from an experienced freelance designer.

Palm tree and beach scene with text "Part One: Where's Your Ideal Workplace?"

Aerial view of a desktop Mac with a coffee cup and keyboard with text: "Part Two: How to Get the Job"

Mountain scene with backpacker with the text: "Part Three: What's the Secret to Success?"

Our explanation of the first part (with top tips) looks like this:

Preview of our explanation and tips for part one of the ebook.

At times we pull out an especially salient point:

Preview of one of our full page pull quotes

And here’s what it looks like when we get extra fancy with those useful career nuggets. (Let’s face it. We were pretty jazzed about pairing sweet design with cool content.)

A glass of beer with the text "Be Prepared: Every job has its perks and its drawbacks."

Preview of another one of our pull quotes, with a full background image of people's feet while sitting in a row of chairs, waiting for an interview, with the tip "Know Your Resume: Know it so well that you can explain your experience and apply it to any question that comes your way."

Ready to Get this Ebook?

So if you haven’t scrambled to the download link already, we hope you’ll grab this entirely free ebook (and even share it with a friend who’s job hunting).

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