SlideDeck is a great tool for showing progress through a process. If your visitor abandons your SlideDeck halfway through (hey, it happens) you might want to remember where they left off. That way you can start the deck on that slide when they return.

Remembering what slide your visitor is on requires SlideDeck Pro, as it uses one of the more powerful features called callbacks. Simply put, callbacks allow you to execute code every time something happens. In this case it’ll keep track of the current slide every time a new slide is revealed.

I won’t get into the code here, as it can get pretty technical; but I will post an example below and provide a link to Get Satisfaction, where you can find a code example and perhaps a discussion, too! Notice on the example below that if you navigate to slide 4 and then leave the page, the deck will already be at slide 4 upon your return… right where you left it! Alternatively, you could just refresh the page and see that it will remember your last slide.

Live Demo of Remembering Slides

Get Satisfaction Idea Including Code

Of course, you could always look at the live demo above and view the source in your browser to see how it all works under the hood.

Remembering the current slide is just one idea that I have considered to make SlideDeck better, and someday it might even make it into the core of SlideDeck; but for now you can easily add this functionality by using the provided code.

Got a great idea for how to use SlideDeck? Post a comment below.

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