UX Developer

Create superb user experiences on the web with Telepathy’s top-notch team. We’re looking for a UX Developer who dreams in CSS & JavaScript, and eats HTML for breakfast, but your real strength is thinking strategically to bridge the gap between design and technology. You love the web and its technologies, always bringing the latest techniques and capabilities to your team to help solve problems. You’re an advocate for the user who asks numerous questions to help inform your approach towards fulfilling your client’s goals. You look at the big picture, but don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the details. When you need to you get in the weeds, and you bring your machete.

  • You are the liaison between technology and design. You will help your team and your client’s team understand the relationship between the two and how each can benefit the other.
  • Participate in and contribute to creative exercises such as wireframing, experience maps, and personas
  • Lead discussions and creative exercises with clients and team members
  • Creation of rapid prototypes for validation or proof of concept
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with clients and stakeholders, providing sound rationale and reasoning
  • Work collaboratively with experience designers and account strategists to plan interactive experiences for agency work
  • Think through project challenges and provide recommendations and out of the box solutions
  • Research and evaluate new technologies that may improve performance and the elegance of how we work
Our Requirements:
  • 3+ years of experience in development and hands on UX experience
  • Product development/design experience is a major plus
  • Ability to own strategy and design conversations early on in the project
  • You can perform research and make a solid case for an approach
  • You show empathy for users, and can also execute ideas with code
  • You understand how applications are architected, and know how to inform the team of opportunities and limitations
  • You have the ability to view a system as a collection of objects and relationships and can break down complex taxonomies
  • Experience developing highly interactive, advanced user interfaces utilizing modern HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript techniques
  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills
You’ll need to provide us a few things:
  • A unique letter that explains why you’re a good fit for this position. We can smell form letters from a mile away, so show us you really want this!
  • Your resume emphasizing any pertinent experience you have.
  • URLs to examples of your work and your role in the project. If you had a role in any server-side work, links to Gists and publicly accessible GitHub repos are a plus.

Originally posted: 2016-11-30 - Telepathy , San Diego, CA

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UX Developer
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