Trying to validate your idea?

You need a Design Sprint.

Design Sprints with Telepathy are intensive design-thinking workshops that guide your team from initial concepts to a user-validated prototype in just 5 days.
Prepare for your most productive week ever.

Design Sprints

From Idea to Prototype in 5 Days

Building out unvalidated features or products risks wasting time and money, and can even kill whole companies – but so can slow decision-making, and friction between key departments and stakeholders. Our team of experienced UX designers and strategists can get you back on track and help realize your best ideas, faster.


What is a Design Sprint?

A 5-day, intensive and highly-structured collaboration session with your cross-functional team, facilitated by our experienced UX and product design experts. Your team will be guided step-by-step as they create innovative solutions to critical problems your company is facing – from rough concepts to fully-testable prototypes.


A Design Sprint gives you the focus and departmental buy-in you need to make major strategic decisions and validate the potential success of your new initiatives.

We’re advocates of the hugely successful Sprint methodology pioneered by our friends at Google Ventures. We’ve tailored this framework specifically to benefit SaaS and digital product companies, to help your cross-functional team conceive, prototype and validate innovative solutions to your organization’s most pressing problems – all within 5 days.


Your place, or ours?

Our sprint facilitators can work with you to create the perfect onsite space for distraction-free collaboration with your team. Alternatively, give yourself a welcome change of scenery and join us in our gorgeous office space located in sunny San Diego, California.

Design Sprints

How do they help?

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Break decision-making deadlock and make rapid progress that’d normally take months’ worth of meetings and coordination

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Avoid costly feature & product development mistakes by rapidly validating potential market fit.

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Build buy-in and get alignment across your departments. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and Design Sprints help unlock them

Design Sprints

How It Works

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Day 1 - Understand

Your team starts by defining the true problem, selecting a target audience and getting everyone aligned and aiming for the same goal.

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Day 2 - Ideate

You’ll be guided through multiple, hands-on exercises that explore creative ways of solving the defined problem, and which often yield unexpected breakthroughs.

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Day 3 - Decide

Your team will hone in on the solutions that carry the most promise, and decide how to begin testing and validating its potential.

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Day 4 - Prototype

You’ll spend an intense day building a medium-fidelity prototype to help you gather reliable data. Your prototype will feel remarkably “real”, whether it’s a sign up process, app interface, or even a complex search algorithm.

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Day 5 - Test

Everything your team has discussed for the past week is finally put to the test in the real world, with actual user interviews, ultimately uncovering opportunities to improve and better understand your users’ needs.

When are design sprints helpful?

Any time you need to kickstart an important initiative that impacts multiple parts of your organization, a Design Sprint is likely a good fit.

Testing a new product interface

Launching a new feature

Creating an effective onboarding flow

Increasing user engagement

Your life with a Design Sprint
vs your life without one

Without Design Sprints, decisions are a lot tougher. Following through with a product idea takes a lot of time and money, and there’s a great deal of risk involved. How do you know which ideas will act as a launchpad for your business, and which will end with a meeting where you discuss why you wasted the past 6 months on something that flopped? Oftentimes, it’s impossible to tell, especially when you’re so close to your product. With Design Sprints, you take the guesswork out of idea follow-through, saving yourself and your team a whole lot of agony; and honestly, everyone hates those failed idea meetings.

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Find out what a Design Sprint can do for you and identify your most impactful opportunities. Let’s get to work.