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Leave uncertainty behind and create your breakthrough idea. Facilitated by a team of UX experts, you’ll get months of work done in just 5 days at our Design Sprint Studio. The best souvenirs are the ones that generate revenue.

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How does the Design Sprint Studio work?

A Design Sprint is an intensive and highly collaborative 5-day session with your cross-functional stakeholders to validate a business solution. Led by our UX and product design experts, your team will be guided step-by-step as they create innovative solutions to your biggest problems. We follow the same methodologies invented by our friends at Google Ventures.



Your team starts by defining the true problem, selecting a target audience and getting everyone aligned and aiming for the same goal.



You’ll be guided through multiple hands-on exercises that explore creative ways of solving the defined problem, often yielding unexpected breakthroughs.



Your team will hone in on the solutions that carry the most promise and decide how to begin testing and validating its potential.



Whether it’s a sign-up process, app interface, or even a complex search algorithm, you’ll spend the day building a remarkably “real” prototype to help gather actionable data.



Everything your team has worked toward all week is put to the test. With actual user feedback you’ll uncover insights that will inform key business decisions.

Amenities that make a Design Sprint as fun as it is productive

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A Design Sprint Butler

Once you arrive at the Sprint Studio, we take care of everything from your favorite munchies to evening entertainment.

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You’ve Got UX

You’re not alone! Our UX team will be your week long guide to idea greatness.

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Space for 10

The Sprint Studio can comfortably accommodate up to 10 participants so that you can bring a well balanced team.

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Time Travel

Get two months work done in just five days time. We set this space up to move at light speed.

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Room to Think

The Sprint Studio has 35 ft. ceilings and is multi-level. You have room to develop ideas how your team works best.

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Spaces of Focus

We offer 4 uniquely themed and private rooms to catch up with HQ or conduct user interviews.

John zeratsky

Telepathy's Sprint Studio is a great way to make a sprint happen. Bring your team and your challenge and Telepathy provides everything else.

John zeratsky John Zeratsky Design Partner at Google Ventures, Author of Sprint
Marco de polo

Telepathy was able to very quickly learn about Roche’s customer and business environment so we could leverage Roche’s customer insights to prototype and test an entirely new value proposition in just 5 days.

Marco de polo Marco De Polo Head Portfolio Strategy & Global Market Insights, Roche

The Studio

Photo space
Photo warroom
Your private war room
Photo experts
Open breakout spaces
Photo supplies
Stocked supplies
Photo temp
75° Most days
Photo team
Your own UX team
Photo snacks
Organic snacks & local beers
Photo rooms
4 themed interview rooms

Design Sprint team of experts

Our dedicated team will take the guesswork out of idea follow-through, saving yourself and your team a whole lot of agony.


John Botica

Senior Developer


Juan-David Quinones

Senior UX Designer

Amazing Businesses We’ve Helped

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