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Adventure.com, part of the Intrepid Tour Group brand, focuses on selling group tours for adventurers, foodies, daredevils, and everyone in between. They came to Telepathy with a goal of addressing the broken experience that plagued most online travel experiences, especially when it comes to planning and shopping for trips. Their hope was to create a disruptive purchasing experience that would connect users closer to the rich emotions the trip adventures themselves would embody.

Bringing Adventure to Life

As we dug into the early stages of our competitive and comparative research, it was clear that online travel booking was missing some essential experiential elements. First, buyers looking to book lacked enough information to make a high price point purchasing decision. What’s more was that the experiencing of buying trips was similar to that of buying a boring widget for your home. There was a huge opportunity to ramp up the emotional experience buyers could have when investigating and considering what trips they wanted to buy.

A Modular CMS for an Immersive eCommerce Storytelling Experience

Our end-concept was simple: show more up-front and paint a picture of the journey potential buyers would likely experience. We created a modular site that turned simple eCommerce trip pages into stories about the itineraries themselves. With that, we built up a new design system that would then scale with content over time.

I remember leaving the first meeting feeling relieved that not only was Telepathy capable of delivering quality work, but that they understood the vision and weren’t intimidated by the monumental task at hand.

Travis Snelling
VP of Adventure.com