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A company with exceptional coconut water and ethics, Harmless Harvest is a health-oriented organic food and beverages maker whose brand is committed to both outstanding quality coconut water and global sustainability efforts within the food and beverages industry. Facing increasing clutter and imitation in the coconut water space, Harmless Harvest needed to further differentiate themselves from the competition and assert their place as the leader in coconut water brand.

Not your typical coconut water brand

Harmless Harvest partnered with Telepathy to define and execute a bold strategy that would set apart the Harmless Harvest brand from the competition.

Harmless Harvest wanted to avoid the patterns that most coconut brands fall into

Through competitive review of the food and beverages space, we established a more modern and stylish aesthetic unexplored by the majority of the current market.

No white sand beaches or umbrellas. Harmless Harvest’s brand is clean and pure as its’ products

A story worth telling

Harmless Harvest is an ecosystem based business and is America’s first Fair for Life coconut water. Our strategy brought together visual storytelling experience that highlighted the brand’s ethics on sustainability, the people (farmers and workers), and the manufacturing process.

Helping Harmless Harvest launch new products

Part of our engagement was to help Harmless Harvest launch their new products including a 32oz size coconut water and Harmless Coconut Probiotics. They are committed to making all of their products organic and Fair for Life.

It has been a total pleasure working with you, We hope there is more for us together in 2017!

Deanna Fleming
CMO Harmless Harvest