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Design is good for business. User-centered design is even better. This idea led ISSA to undertake a massive redesign effort and completely renew their marketing and e-commerce website. This redesign intended not only to improve their business performance but doing so by delivering a seamless and ubiquitous learning experience to their students. The solution is a versatile and simple design system that allows ISSA to efficiently market their products and continuously evolve their user experience.

A modern and fully responsive website to position ISSA at the forefront of the fitness education arena

Design should respond to user’s behavior and screen size. With the growth of mobile devices and a the arise of a new generation of students who demand ubiquitous information, ISSA embraced a design-first philosophy as a business and market strategy that positions its Fitness Certification Courses at the forefront of the fitness education arena.

A design system designed to scale

Long gone is page by page design. Modern web design is about creating a system that scale to the business needs. We challenged ourselves to create a design system for ISSA that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the reality of an ever evolving customer experience. This is design made to scale. This system is a living document that is updated as we are continuously evolving designs and creating new patterns.

The Telepathy team delivered one of the most valuable and actionable research I’ve seen in a long time.

Sal Arria
CEO & Founder of International Sports Science Association

Building the foundation of a better experience with qualitative and quantitative user research

Design is good for business. User-centered design is even better. By listening to their students (Voice of Consumer interviews, survey questionnaires) and mapping their User Journeys into actionable flows, ISSA was able to create an experience that focuses on the most valuable tasks from a business and a student standpoint.

Purposeful design from the pixel level to the page level. All elements contribute to a seamless experience to everyone

It is essential that the Web be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. ISSA embraced this idea at its core, as a market strategy and a brand principle. By adopting the AAA accessibility standard across all its interfaces, ISSA removes the barriers to communication and interaction to virtually everyone and stands out in the market as a champion for quality Fitness Education.