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Creating the ultimate guest experience is a challenge that comes with a demanding shelf life. In the hospitality sector, exceeding the needs of guests in order to create a memorable experience is a challenge that global leaders like Marriott must constantly solve for. Marriott needed an experience design partner in order to identify new solutions within the multiple touchpoints their guests encountered on a daily basis.

An experience audit and mapping workshop to document the hospitality experience

Digital experiences can be refreshed often with minimal impact on operations; in the real world, however, modifying a physical experience can be extremely disruptive to business. A key tool that can help visualize the digital and physical touchpoints of a guest’s visit is an experience map. Telepathy worked with Irvine Marriott in a two-day participatory workshop where stakeholders and the Telepathy team explored the services, amenities, and property experience of Irvine Marriott. From this workshop, Marriott’s senior management was able to uncover and address critical gaps and constraints across the guest experience.

The perfect venue for busy business travelers

Marriott Irvine’s customers are predominately business travelers who are looking for a comfortable, familiar, and convenient experience catered to their business needs. From holding meetings to having cocktails with clients, the Marriott strives for extraordinary experiences for their customers

Auditing customer touchpoints

We audited the hotel experience by doing an overnight observational stay at the Marriott. Our team explored the property, services and amenities to catalog key moments throughout each experience including check in, dining, pool area, gym and meeting spaces.

Mapping the experience with Marriott’s senior management and service experts

These moments were then reconstructed on day two in a participatory workshop with Irvine Marriott’s senior management. Reconstructing each moment along a linear path revealed a variety of customer journeys that a guest could embark on during their stay, each permutation a uniquely personal experience for a guest.

De-constructing the guest experience to uncover insights and opportunities

Experience mapping is a critical tool for documenting and quantifying a customer journey across digital and non-digital brand touchpoints. For the senior management at Irvine Marriott, the map illustrated the interwoven complexity driving each moving part in their guest experience and allowed them to objectively assess the value each was delivering to their guests.

Arming Marriott with a insights and recommendations

The findings from our on-site audit and workshop led to further development of areas where Marriott could enhance their customer experience. These findings and opportunities were delivered to Marriott as a guided map towards delivering a better experience, more cohesive experience for their customers.