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New Relic needed to expand their target audience from developers and SMBs to enterprise clients and therefore needed to evolve their online presence accordingly. They sought out strategies that would surface relevant resources and tools that would empower, educate, and eventually acquire this new audience segment.

Understanding New Relic’s current and future customers

When we first engaged with New Relic they were in the middle of a growth spurt and their product was evolving from a developer tool to an enterprise platform. In order to speak to their new enterprise audience, without alienating their strong developer base, we created customer personas that outlined each user’s buying triggers and buyer’s journey. Personas don’t add value if they go unseen so we designed posters which were printed and displayed in their offices to keep user needs top of mind.

Embracing a customer centric voice and website

Based on our customer research and content strategy we evolved New Relic from a product centric brand to a customer centric one, something atypical for the industry at the time, and we helped take them from viewing their audience as anonymous data to real people. This later fueled key strategies like the “data helps me” campaign, a persona-centric strategy that communicated the impact data had on business.

A design system built to keep hundreds of web pages cohesive and consistent

We redesigned their website from the ground up including their homepage, pricing, product pages, community portal, support and everything in-between. In order to keep their website consistent and cohesive we designed and built a living style guide that allowed designers and developers to have a common reference to use while creating new interfaces across all screen sizes. This evolved over the course of our engagement allowing for quick changes to be made that cascaded across the website.

Telepathy is a true partner in building our brand and achieving our goals.

Rafael Alenda
VP of Marketing

Improving app deployment with an intelligent installation wizard

Optimizing New Relic’s primary conversion metric, “sign up to deploy”, lead to many projects including their app deployment process. In order for Relic to be installed on the customers application code, customers are required to go through an installation process that varies depending on the applications codebase and setup. We designed a wizard-style installation flow that walked users step-by-step through the installation process with tailored instructions based on their apps configuration. This was paired with easy access to support and documentation to further aid in their installation.

Simplifying a complex pricing model

In order for customers to estimate monthly or annual pricing, users were previously diverted to sales support. New Relic wanted to give customers of all sizes the ability to estimate pricing which lead to an overhaul of their existing pricing.

New Relics pricing model is based on app usage. Given today’s landscape of hosting options, estimating an apps usage depends on the size and number of instances as well as run time. This is complicated even further by the amount of providers such as Amazon’s AWS, Google, Microsoft and Rackspace, to name a few. We created a simple calculator which allowed users to enter their host(s), instance size, quantity and runtime to determine a cost estimation. This allowed for more pricing transparency as users can estimate pricing without contacting New Relic sales support.