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Phantom is a community-powered security automation and orchestration platform that helps analysts investigate, triage, and act on security events and incidents. They integrate with existing security technologies to allow users to automate and orchestrate tasks that would otherwise be done manually. Phantom needed a strategic partner to help define, design and build their security platform to remain the leader in this competitive and ever-evolving industry.

Using customer interviews to validate feature requests

With high stakes clients such as In-Q-Tel, Uber and Rackspace, Phantom balances customer requests with product vision. Before new features are designed and built we validate these requests through a series of customer interviews. We dig deep to understand the problems users are having so we can best design solutions that will deliver on these problems and bring value into the platform.

Enabling engineers and security analysts to work smarter and faster

One of Phantoms key features is their automation Playbooks. These Playbooks are Python scripts that Phantom uses to carry out actions automatically as security events arrive. We created an easy-to-use visual editor that allows both technical and non-technical users to build Playbooks to accommodate the needs of their security operations.

Building a product dashboard configurable for different users types

Phantoms dashboard needs to serve security analysts knee-deep in security threats as well as managers who need to know the overall health of their system and the KPI’s of using Phantom. We built a configurable dashboard that allows users to customize the types of data shown as well as bringing in custom data. Users can also customize the appearance of data to highlight what matters most.

Simplifying a complex user onboarding process

As with many enterprise SaaS solutions, onboarding isn’t as simple as getting a name and email address. Since Phantom ties into existing data sources, apps and assets we needed to build step-by-step onboarding process aimed at getting users into the platform with real data as soon as possible. Once users are in the platform they are guided with subtle product tours that help them get started.

Crafting a website and community member portal

Along with product design and strategy Phantom needed to create a website optimized to generate leads and position themselves as the leader in security automation and orchestration. We designed and built a benefit-centric website that defines Phantoms value proposition and describes their platform. We also built a community site which allows Phantom users to access education content and download apps and Playbooks.