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The chief challenges Pivotal came to us with were rooted in: 1) “Who is this company,” in other words, what is its unified corporate identity and 2) “What does Pivotal do,” especially in context to its house of product brands. Our objective was to help Pivotal navigate through these two challenges and create a cohesive experience that made sense to their broad set of user personas (developers, line managers, and executives) each with their unique needs.

Understanding Pivotal’s customers and creating empathy amongst stakeholders

In order to craft effective content, we needed to understand the breadth of Pivotal’s customers that includes the likes of GE, Allstate, Mercedes Benz and IDEO. Interviewing customers, stakeholders and Pivotal’s sales teams allowed us to understand the needs and goals of their customers as well as their typical buying cycles. From there we were able to tailor website content that aligned to our user research.

Simplifying complex information architecture to optimize content strategy

When we started working with Pivotal their website had a high page count and was in need of information architecture. Based on site analytics and user research we cleaned the slate and built a new IA from the ground up. At the same time we created content strategy centric sitemaps that outlined the purpose of each interface based on Pivotal’s business goals and customer needs.

Creating a unified brand for multiple business units

Pivotal’s visual identity needed to align with their corporate narrative of “Enterprise Transformation” and support their 3 business units of “Labs,” “Cloud,” and “Big Data.” We created a fresh modern visual identity that is inspiring and approachable. Every design element was designed with intent to support Pivotal’s brand narrative and appeal to current and future customers. A style guide was created to allow the design system to remain consistent across people and teams.

Every person at Telepathy that I've been in contact with or is working on our account has been top notch. Skilled, creative, smart and SO easy to work with.

Michael Weir
Sr. Director of Marketing

Designing a cohesive experience

Pivotal’s entire website was redesigned from the ground up based on the insights discovered in customer interviews paired with Pivotal’s business goals and positioning. Telepathy was there every step of the way from IA and content strategy through visual design and development consulting. As always, Pivotal’s website was designed to look and work great on any device.